Dear Parents

Interschool Carnival

Last week a number of our Year 3-6 students attended the Interschool Athletics Carnival at Santich Park. Orana finished in seventh place (out of nine). Thank you to Ms Mavric for preparing the team for the carnival. My thanks also to the many parents who came along in support of the students and to the students themselves for their participation, effort and sportsmanship.

Remembrance Day Service

Yesterday the school gathered for a reverent and respectful Remembrance Day service, extremely well run by the Year 6 students. Personally, I am of the opinion that yesterday's service was one of the best conducted here at Orana due to the cooperation of the students, the excellent leadership from the Year 6's and the performance of the 100 person combined School Choirs (junior and senior). Thank you to Mrs Packer and Ms Baronas for organising the service and to Ms Draper for preparing the Choir. Thank you to those parents who attended.

Absences from school (written notification)

It is a requirement for us to account for, in writing, all absences from school. Today a number of people will receive a request to provide something in writing explaining the school's recorded absence of their child for which we currently do not have a written record. The explanation does not have to be in detail and could be as simple as "unwell' or "family reasons". Importantly, if you believe that your child was at school on the day in question, this too should be communicated so that we can rectify our records. When schools are audited, unexplained absences from the school can and does result in the school being quite heavily fined for each breach of the regulation. It is an important requirement for compliance that schools attend to maintaining accurate records.

1:1 laptop Programme

Winthrop Australia is providing two-hour workshops for parents who have purchased their child's laptop through them.

Join them to appreciate how technology aids learning. Appreciate the world of social networking and how to teach your kids to be responsible when online.

Please register here.

Annual General Meetings

Next week two AGMs will be held on Thursday 20 November. The P&F AGM starts at 7.00pm and will be immediately followed by the School Board AGM. Both Meetings are not long and you would be safely off the premises by 8.30pm at the latest. Nominations for Executive positions to the P&F and elected positions to the School Board close on next Monday 17 November.


Booklists for 2015 will be sent home tomorrow (Thursday 13 November). We are using a new supplier this year so please read the instructions carefully. Booklists returned to school must be handed in by Friday 12 December 2014 (no cash accepted). Online orders should be completed before Wednesday 31 December to ensure delivery prior to school commencing. Please note the packaging and delivery information is listed under the payment information box.

Pupil Free Days - 2015 (Amendment)

The term dates and pupil free days for Orana Catholic Primary School were included with last week's newsletter. These are repeated again this week with one change, Monday 31 August will no longer be a pupil free day and all classes will operate as per usual on that day.

2015 Professional Development Days

The following days will be pupil free days for students here at Orana Catholic Primary School during 2015:

Tuesday 3 March - Learning Area - English (Writing) PD
Tuesday 2 June - Personal Faith Development
Monday 20 July - Learning Area - Geography PD
Tuesday 21 July - Religious Education PD
Monday 12 October - 2016 annual school improvement planning

On each of the days above the Orana Out of School Hours Centre will operate with one exception on Tuesday 2 June 2015 the OSHC Centre will NOT be open.

Term Dates 2015

The actual days of operation for student attendance in 2015 is as follows:

Semester 1

Term 1

Monday 2 February - Thursday 2 April

Thursday 29 January - Thursday 2 April

Friday 3 April - Sunday 19 April

Term 2

Monday 20 April - Friday 3 July

Monday 20 April - Friday 3 July

Saturday 4 July - Sunday 19 July

Semester 2

Term 3

Wednesday 22 July - Friday 25 September

Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September

Saturday 26 September - Sunday 11 October

Term 4

Tuesday 13 October - Friday 11 December

Monday 12 October - Friday 18 December

2015 Dates: (Out of School Hours Care Centre)

OSHC will commence the vacation care program from Monday 15 December - Tuesday 23 December 2014 (inclusive) before recommencing in 2015 on Tuesday 6 January - Friday 30 January inclusive.

Our licensing of the Centre allows children in the Kindergarten 2015 year level to attend once the students return to school (week beginning Monday 2 February) and then only on Kindergarten days (T,W,Th) and again only once they are 4 years of age.


Whole school assembly with honour certificates for students in the junior classes. The combined School Choir will perform the song they sung at our Remembrance Day service during this assembly. It is not everyday one gets the opportunity to see a 100 person primary school choir! All parents are welcome to attend.

David Barns