Dear Parents

Let me begin this week's newsletter with some feedback given to the school only this morning. We seem to have a number of year groups out on excursions/incursions at this time of the school year. We remind students that, when representing the school they carry two names, the one given at birth and the name of the school to which they belong and that the behaviour displayed will reflect upon all associated with the school well into the future.

One group, our Year 1 classes, went to Tranby House in Maylands yesterday. This morning the Education Officer from there rang specifically to pass on her congratulatory words about the behaviour and participation of these students throughout the excursion, using words such as "exemplary" and "magnificent". Well done Year 1's, we are very proud of your modeling of behaviour. Not long after this call, I received further feedback, this time involving the Year 5 students participating in a basic First Aid Course. The attending instructor passed on, to the teachers, her appreciation of the warm welcome she received from representative students assigned to meet and greet her upon her arrival. Well done this time to the Year 5 students for their leadership skills and for being good ambassadors for the school.

Annual General Meetings

The AGM for both the School Board and P&F were conducted last Thursday evening. Thank you to those parents and staff-members that took the time to be present for both of these. During the course of proceedings members of the School Board and P&F were thanked and acknowledged for their service to the school community, for some over an extended period of time. For 2015, four new community members were elected onto the School Board. They are:

  • Andrew Counsel
  • Una Henderson
  • Anthony Petta (elected for a second term)
  • Ray Spry (second term)

They join the following already on the Board:

  • Fr Thai Vu (Parish Priest)
  • Joey Carlos (community member)
  • Marina Spence (community member)
  • Lisa Foster (P&F Rep)
  • Christine Walsh (Parish Rep)
  • David Barns (Principal)

Both Assistant Principals also attend the Board Meetings.

The Executive positions are to be decided by Board Members at their December meeting.

The P&F Executive for 2015 will be:

  • Lisa Foster (President)
  • Katrina Cooper (Vice President)
  • Carol Erkes (Secretary)
  • Kara Passi (Treasurer)

P&F Class Liaison reps will be decided at this week's P&F Meeting.

2015 Staffing

The placement of staff here at Orana for the 2015 school year is almost finalised.

This year we will farewell four members from Orana Catholic Primary School. They are:

  • Andrea Woodgate (AP) - moving to Assistant Principal position at St Kieran's School, Tuart Hill.
  • Kate Mavric (PE) - moving to classroom position at St. Columba's School, South Perth.
  • Dayana Nottage (Year2) - seconded to a classroom position at St. Mary's College, Broome.
  • Lara Scarterfield (Education Assistant and Out of School Hours Centre).

I will acknowledge these staff-members in the future but would like to, at this point in time, thank them for the service given to this school.

In addition to the above, Kara Vaughan (Education Assistant) will remain on extended leave for the first school term of 2015.

Joining the staff next year will be:

  • Nik Hofmeester as Assistant Principal. Nik is currently AP at St Vincent's School, Parmelia, prior to which time he held a similar position at St Pius School, Manning.
  • Paul Emery as PE teacher. Paul is currently working as PE teacher at East Fremantle Primary School.
  • Joanne Godsall - Education Assistant - Early Childhood Centre.

A full list of the staff for 2015 is available by clicking here.

Christmas Carols

Next Thursday 4 December we will gather here in the school grounds for our end of year Christmas Carols commencing at 6.00pm. This year we ask:

  • Parents with blankets to sit in front and centre of the stage area - prime seating!! This is to facilitate best viewing and encourage you to join in with carols when asked.
  • Parents on chairs to be seated at back of this area.
  • Students, in their class groups, to sit at the sides of the viewing area.
  • Students to be at their classrooms by 5.45pm at the latest. "Costumes" vary from year level to year level and your child should be aware of what is required, if not please speak to the class teacher concerned.
  • Students will be dismissed from the classrooms immediately following the carols.
  • Parking will be provided on the oval. Please enter oval from Querrin Avenue (northern side of school), parking in rows facing the southern boundary and exit the school onto Chelmer Avenue (southern boundary).
  • Some parental assistance will be required to put stage back into hall following the Carols.

Distribution Date for the 1:1 Laptops

The distribution of Year 3 student laptops will take place on Wednesday 10 December at 6.30pm in the Year 4 classroom. Last Friday, Mrs Perrigo emailed each parent a form that needs to be filled in electronically and returned. If you haven't already done so, could you please submit the form as soon as possible. Please email Mrs Perrigo if you need another copy. Her email address is

P&F Meeting

This evening we will gather for the final P&F Meeting of 2015, the first one for the new 2015 Committee. I extend a welcome to all interested parents to attend the meeting - 7.00pm in the staffroom.


This week's assembly is a whole school assembly with honour certificates for students in the junior classes. All welcome to attend.

David Barns