Dear Parents

Interschool Sports

Congratulations to those students from our school who represented Orana at the field events as part of the Interschool Athletics carnival earlier this week. From all reports, the children competed to the best of their abilities, with spirit and good sportsmanship on display. Tomorrow we have a larger number of students from Years 3-6 competing in the running and team events section of the carnival. We wish them every success.

Remembrance Day Service

The school will commemorate Remembrance Day next Tuesday 11 November with a service to be held here at school commencing at 10.30am. All parents are most welcome to attend.

Social Media

The appropriate and respectful use of all social media must be adhered to rigorously, particularly when it has implications for the school and its community. I take this opportunity to remind parents of their social responsibility when posting messages online. Our cybersafety message to students here is based on the acronym THINK - Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

2015 Class Placement

Discussions regarding class placements for next year will shortly commence. In consultation with your child's present class teacher, I will be compiling the class lists for 2015. There are a number of factors that must be taken into account when balancing class lists including academic ability, gender, interpersonal relationships, and social dynamics. Parental requests are an additional factor and I would like to make clear my policy on this.

Parental requests can only be met in exceptional circumstances. However, if you believe that there exists such circumstance in relation to your child, you are invited to outline this in writing, addressed to me and returned by Monday 10 November. No requests will be considered after this date and please do not ask your child for their preferred teacher, as this does not constitute an exceptional circumstance. When writing your request, please be clear in your reasoning, as unsubstantiated request cannot be considered.

Year 4 Open Classroom Sessions

I would strongly urge the Year 3 parents to visit the Year 4 classroom tomorrow to view how seamlessly literacy, numeracy and geography are interweaved with the use of technology. The Year 4 teachers have kindly responded to the requests of parents at our September meeting for the 1:1 Laptop Programme. The response today was disappointing considering the amount of queries that were originally raised. Please take the opportunity to visit the students at work. It is not necessary to stay for the whole session.

Thursday, 6 November: 11.30am -12.30pm
Thursday, 6 November: 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Swimming Lessons

Next week we commence our junior grade swimming lessons at the Riverton Leisure Centre. The times of the lessons are:

Year 2 12.50pm-1.25pm

Year 3 1.30pm- 2.05pm

Year 1 2.10pm -2.45pm

Please refer to previous notes distributed or your child's classroom teacher for further information about these.

School Board and P&F

As indicated in last week's newsletter it is very important that we have parents prepared to volunteer their expertise and experience in promoting the well-being of the school. Nominations are now being invited for a number of positions on the School Board and the P&F Executive. These forms have already been distributed. Should you not have a copy and wish to nominate, more forms are available from the Front Office.

Notice of AGMs for School Board and P&F

Notice is given that the Annual General Meetings for the School Board and for the Orana P&F will take place here at school on Thursday 20 November starting with the P&F AGM to be immediately followed by the AGM for the School Board. All parents are welcome to attend.

2015 Professional Development Days

The following days will be pupil free days for students here at Orana Catholic Primary School during 2015:

Tuesday 3 March - Learning Area - English (Writing) PD
Tuesday 2 June - Personal Faith Development
Monday 20 July - Learning Area - Geography PD
Tuesday 21 July - Religious Education PD
Monday 31 August - content tba
Monday 12 October - 2016 annual school improvement planning.

The number of days taken for professional development is in line with Catholic Education guidelines. Where practical, the school has endeavoured to link pupil free days in with that of neighbouring Catholic primary and/or secondary schools. On each of the days above the Orana Out of School Hours Centre will operate with one exception, Tuesday 2 June 2015 the OSHC Centre will NOT be open.

Term Dates 2015

The actual days of operation for student attendance in 2015 is as follows:

Semester 1

Term 1

Monday 2 February - Thursday 2 April

Thursday 29 January - Thursday 2 April

Friday 3 April - Sunday 19 April

Term 2

Monday 20 April - Friday 3 July

Monday 20 April - Friday 3 July

Saturday 4 July - Sunday 19 July

Semester 2

Term 3

Wednesday 22 July - Friday 25 September

Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September

Saturday 26 September - Sunday 11 October

Term 4

Tuesday 13 October - Friday 11 December

Monday 12 October - Friday 18 December

2015 Dates: (Out of School Hours Care Centre)

OSHC will commence the vacation care program from Monday 15 December - Tuesday 23 December 2014 (inclusive) before recommencing in 2015 on Tuesday 6 January - Friday 30 January inclusive.

Our licensing of the Centre allows children in the Kindergarten 2015 year level to attend once the students return to school (week beginning Monday 2 February) and then only on Kindergarten days (T,W Th) and again only once they are 4 years of age.

Vaccination Information

Information relating to vaccination and directed to parents with a child entering pre-primary or Year 1 in 2015 is available by clicking here.

Bishops Religious Education Assessment

Each year students in catholic schools throughout Australia sit a Religious Education Literacy examination. These are administered to students attending Catholic schools at Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Individual assessment reports have been sent home with the children in Year 3 and Year 5.

Australian Mathematics Competition

By now, parents who had a child participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition early this year should have received a certificate and explanatory sheet regarding their individual performance on the test.

As a school we received 9 Distinctions, 23 Credits, 20 Proficiency and 9 Participation certificates for those students who chose to enter the competition.


This week's assembly is a whole school assembly with honour certificates for students in the middle and senior grades. All are welcome to attend.

David Barns