Dear Parents and Carers

Our year has finally come to an end. It has been a particularly busy term and has culminated with our Year 6 students' final assembly and Graduation Mass. Our Year 6 students have been an outstanding group and are to be commended on their leadership qualities, exemplary behaviour and their commitment to the Values of Orana. I wish them well with their future and I know they will be great ambassadors for our school. I would also like to thank the parents who have a child leaving to attend high school who have had a long association with Orana, for your support and endeavours throughout the years.

My time as principal at Orana has come to a conclusion and I have had some wonderful personal and professional experiences during the year. Orana has wonderful students and I cannot praise them highly enough for their behaviour, work ethic and school spirit. I wish them well and may they grow in the love of Jesus and exhibit the values Orana strives to develop in its students.

Thanks must go to the staff of Orana with whom I have worked. Your commitment and professionalism is wonderful and very much appreciated by me, as it has made my work that bit easier. Teachers are moving through very demanding times at the moment and your transition with the change in curriculum is to be applauded.

I would like to thank the School Board and P&F members I have worked with over the year. Your vision and commitment will lead to many positive outcomes into the future for Orana. All Board and P&F members are to be commended for the time and dedication they give to school activities.

Many thanks must go to the volunteer parents, carers and supporters of Orana who have made possible the various activities and ventures held throughout the year. Without such help many school activities simply could not take place and Orana would not have the wonderful sense of community spirit that it has.

Finally I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a fulfilling New Year.


There was an article in last weekend's "Sunday Times" re OSHC at Orana and other centres. The journalist did not speak to school staff to ascertain the true facts about our audit. Our centre is well organised and well run. At no time have the safety and the well-being of the children in its care been an issue. Our staff are well trained and make sure that we meet the latest requirements for OSHC.

Christmas T-Shirt

On Friday, 13 December, the last day of the school year, children are encouraged to wear a Christmas t-shirt if they have one or a Christmas-coloured shirt. They must wear the t-shirt with their sports shorts. This is a fun way to start the holidays and there is no requirement to send in any money.


A reminder that families were given a number of opportunities to write to the principal if they had requests for the placement of their child in classes for 2014. Classes have now been finalised. The decision for placement of students rests with the school and all requests are considered. Parent requests concerning particular staff are considered but not necessarily granted and this depends on the bigger picture of the class structure.

Students Not Returning in 2014

For the purposes of future planning, we need to be aware if students will not be returning in 2014. If you know that your child will not be returning to Orana, please inform the school office in writing as soon as possible.

Term Dates

Please note, Term Four concludes for students on Friday 13 December. Reports will be handed out or posted home on Monday 16 December and they will not be available to be sent home at an earlier date. Students will start back in 2014 on Monday 3 February.


Principal - Mr Barns

Assistant Principal - Miss Whyte

Assistant Principal - Mrs Woodgate

Classroom Teachers

Year 6B - Mrs Packer / Mrs Vinci

Year 6W - Mrs McKay

Year 5B - Miss Whyte / Mrs Davies

Year 5W - Mrs Tormay / Mrs DeBoni

Year 4B - Mrs Morcombe / Mrs Harrold

Year 4W - Mrs Green / Mrs Harrold

Year 3B - Mrs Grech

Year 3W - Mrs Marshall / Mrs Gauci

Year 2B - Miss Wieman

Year 2W - Miss Nottage

Year 1B - Mrs Wall / Mrs Leech

Year 1W - Mrs Bowran

Pre Primary B - Mrs DiLena

Pre Primary W - Mrs Lovelle / Mrs Owens

Kindergarten B - Mrs Mavrick

Kindergarten W - Miss Rowling

Pre Kindergarten B - Mrs Mavrick

Pre Kindergarten W - Miss Rowling

Student Support - Mrs Bidzinski

Teacher Librarian / ICT / Extension - Mrs Perrigo

PE - Miss Harrison

Music - Mrs Draper

Science - Mrs Woodgate / Mrs Leech

Social Worker - Mrs Wright

Library Assistant - Mrs Fernando

Education Assistants - Mrs Akkermans, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Cottier, Mrs Dennett, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Duncanson, Mrs Earl, Miss Lenzo, Miss Mouttet, Mrs Ruffo, Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Verrechia

Administration - Mrs Brown and Mrs Flanagan

Finance Office - Mrs Fissioli

Groundsman - Mr McArdle

Canteen - Mrs Honter

Uniform Shop - Mrs Jackson / Mrs Larcher

Out of School Hours Centre

Supervising Officer - Miss Lenzo

PAPO - Mrs Ruffo

from Allen McMahon / Principal