Dear Parents and Carers

Term 4 is fast coming to an end. We have a very busy two weeks left. Highlights of the next two weeks are the Year 6 Graduation and Mass, the school end of year Mass and awards and the Carols night.

Please note that due to the availability of the Parish Priests the final whole school Mass/awards has had to be changed to 10:00am in the school hall. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Many thanks to Miss Harrison for organizing our students for the CPSSA Cricket Carnival. Once again the Orana students were terrific competitors and showed wonderful team spirit and sportsmanship. This Friday marks the last official assembly for our students in the 2013 school year. Many thanks must go to the Year 6 students for organizing the assemblies so well throughout the year.

I will be away this Friday and Thursday and Friday of next week. Miss Whyte and Mrs Woodgate will be in charge while I am away.

School Fees 2014

Please note that school fees will increase by 10% in 2014.

School Board

The School Board AGM was held on Thursday 21 November in the school hall. Those elected to the School Board were Marina Spence, Joey Carlos and Don Albertini. Thank you to those who attended on the night and to the new School Board members for volunteering their time. The Chair of the School Board in 2014 will be Marina Spence.


The P&F AGM was held on Thursday 21 November in the school hall. At this meeting all positions were declared open and people nominated for the various positions were voted for. The position of President was not filled, Vice President - Katrina Upton, Secretary - Erin Leech and Treasurer - Kara Passi were all elected to the Executive. Thank you to those who attended on the night and to the new P&F Executive for volunteering their time.

Term Dates / Reports

Please note, Term Four concludes for students on Friday 13 December. Reports may be collected from the front office on Monday 16 December. If they are not collected on this day they will be posted to home addresses. Please note that reports will not be available to be sent home or collected at an earlier date.

Students Not Returning in 2014

For the purposes of future planning, we need to be aware if students will not be returning in 2014. If you know that your child will not be returning to Orana, please inform the school office in writing as soon as possible.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying by school-age children is evolving from face-to-face taunting into remote electronic taunting. Cyber bullying via e-mail, text messages, and Web sites is affecting children across the world in the time it takes to hit "send".

Bullying has been found to begin as early as preschool, and appears to peak in sixth through eighth grades. Thirty percent of sixth through tenth-graders in public and private schools throughout the United States reported being bullies (13%), victims (11%) or both bullies and victims (6%).

Research has demonstrated that cyber bullying is devastating for both aggressors and victims, but teachers and parents are only just beginning to understand its dangers.

British researchers found that although nearly 75% of teachers worried that students might become victims of cell-phone text-message bullying, only 56% of the students' parents showed concern that their children might be susceptible to this form of cyber bullying.

The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use reported that cyber bullying affects students around the world. Australian and American children stay home from school because they feel threatened, and Scandinavian children are fearful of using their school locker rooms.

Cyber bullying is particularly dangerous for students who are susceptible to depression and anxiety.

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