Prayer for the victims of the typhoon in the Phillipines

Father, we pray for the victims of the typhoons in the Philippines

that you give them comfort in their dealings with their losses

and provide them with all their needs.

Provide them food, shelter and all their necessities.

Give them healing and take away their fears.

Give them the courage to face their losses and

give them strength to care for their injured loved ones.

Heal the hearts of those who lost their loved ones.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Band and Choir Photos

Tomorrow is the last day to be able to order photos of the school band and choirs. Orders need to be placed in the front office.

Vinnies Christmas Appeal

A reminder that students from each class have been asked to contribute an item to the Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal. Next Friday, 22 November, is the last day to bring in donations as I will be putting the hampers together on Friday morning ready to be collected by St Vincent de Paul on Monday. Thanks again for your generosity.


The P&F and School Board AGMs are being held on Thursday, 21 November, at 7:00pm. It would be wonderful to see many parents attend this event in support of the P&F and Board members who work so hard on your behalf.

Pick-Up Protocols

Please remember that parents are not to enter the school grounds through the first gate (closest to Vahland) during pick up time. It is unsafe to have cars driving through and is also unfair to those who do the right thing and wait patiently in the line for the green shed drive-through.

Carols Night

This year the school will be having a whole school carols night. Each year level will be singing a carol and a small troupe of actors and narrators will be re-enacting the nativity.

The date for this event is Wednesday, 4 December, beginning at 6:00pm sharp. More details will follow in weeks to come.

Last Day Students

A reminder that the last day for students at Orana is Friday 13th December.

God bless

Andrea Woodgate / Assistant Principal