Performing Arts Festival

Congratulations to the Orana Senior Choir who were awarded the Shield for Liturgical Choral Music at the Performing Arts Festival for 2015. It is quite a feat to win a choral section with such a large number of primary school choirs represented at the festival every year. We have also been invited to perform at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday 14 September. Well done to all senior choir members. Mrs Draper has sent a note home today with all the necessary information for the evening. Please return permission slips PROMPTLY.

Congratulations on receiving these awards for performances over the last week.

Honourable mention:

Vanessa Knyn - Piano solo Yr 4

Isaac Chang - Piano solo Yr 4

Chloe Chen - Piano solo Yr 4

William Ji - Piano solo Yr 5

Certificate of Merit:

Kristen Yong - Piano solo Yr 5

Abigail Carlos - Piano solo Yr 5

Annika Ting - Piano solo Yr 6

Georgia Tillotson - Piano solo Yr 6


Rehearsals are back to normal for everyone. We still have items to rehearse so please make sure you attend.

Senior Choir - Monday 8.15am

Junior Choir - Tuesday 8.15am

Band - Wednesday 8.00am

City of Canning Choir performance

The City of Canning will be opening the new War Memorial and Amphitheatre stage on Armistice Day, Wednesday 11 November at 6.00 pm. A combined school choir will be performing alongside the Canning City Brass Band for this event. Orana will be involved in the massed choir but we have been limited to 20 students in Years 5 and 6. Choir members in Year 5 and 6 have received a note about this event. However, due to the 20 limit, the first 20 permission slips received will be the students selected to sing on this day. If you are committing to this event, please ensure that by November you can still commit.

New Band Members

We are welcoming some new students to band from next Wednesday 9 September. With 75% of our woodwind section leaving us next year we need to start inviting some new band members to join the ranks. Mrs Draper will be sending band invites out to those students involved. Students need to reach a minimum standard before they are invited to join the band so get practising!

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM 2015 - Parish of Ss John & Paul Willetton

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Parent / Child Workshops relating to the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be held on Thursday, 10 September at the Parish Centre. All Year 3 children, plus at least one parent, are expected to attend. 3B are to attend the workshop at 5.30pm and 3W the 7.00pm workshop. Thank you.


Congratulations to the following children:

Year 3 Girls

  1. Olivia Chen
  2. Amity Schmidberger
  3. Meghan Bovet
  4. Charlotte Boggon
  5. Zoe Iacobellis

Year 3 Boys

  1. Cameron Atwell
  2. Eoin Caffrey
  3. Jake Civich
  4. Connor Thompson
  5. Cameron Harding

Year 4 Girls

  1. Grace Foster
  2. Chloe Chen
  3. Rebecca Benstead
  4. Isabella Kumkar
  5. Elaine James

Year 4 Boys

  1. Brayden Atwell
  2. Thomas Vink
  3. Sebastian Ruane
  4. Joshua Taylor
  5. Declan Regan

Year 5 Girls

  1. Kiah Payne
  2. Chloe Adam
  3. Ashley Ingram
  4. Sofia Mena
  5. Molly Lennon

Year 5 Boys

  1. Zach Pivac
  2. Toby McLoughney
  3. Brian Caffrey
  4. Evan Cooper
  5. Jesse Overmars

Year 6 Girls

  1. Denae Civich
  2. Carly Pizzuto
  3. Bridget Atwell
  4. Elly Kember
  5. Jade Harding

Year 6 Boys

  1. Oscar Drennan
  2. David Puttick
  3. Thomas Erkes
  4. Harvey Drennan
  5. Daniel Spence


If anyone is available to assist at our Athletics Sports Carnival on 20 October or the Athletics Field Day on 22 September please contact Leigh on Your help would be very much appreciated.


Due to our busy timetable, Orana will celebrate Book Week in September.

16 September - Book Week dress-up day.

To maintain the focus on books, we ask that the children carry a copy of the book they are representing (or have a copy of the cover glued onto an old exercise book). If your child does not want to dress up, they may carry their book and have a symbol related to their book (e.g. Dorothy's red shoes from the Wizard of Oz). For extra details please refer to the "Book Week" note that was sent home a fortnight ago.



Saturday 24 October - Slim Jim and the Phatts. Notes have been sent out with more details. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at the Open Night tonight, by returning the slip on the note, or emailing Limited tickets are available. We hope you can join us!


Friday 11 September in the Library. Please note the change of date due to the Fathers Day Breakfast. All parents are welcome.


Thank you to everyone who has purchased memberships already. We have raised over $1300 for the school! There are only a few Entertainment Books available to purchase in the office. Digital memberships can be purchased anytime using the following link


Click here for more information


Monday 7 September - Yvette Mistry, Kara Passi

Wednesday 9 September - Amanda Dunlop, Diana Barzotto Boggon, Vanessa Chen

Thursday 10 September - Sarah Jayne Kay, Tanya Francis, Junko Walters, Por Ho


Mrs Sentosa has white t-shirts for sale that are suitable for the Edudance Concert. They are $2.00 each. Please call Mrs Sentosa if you are interested in purchasing one on 0433 472 018.


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