SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM 2015 - Parish of Sts John & Paul Willetton

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Commitment Masses for the Year 3 children who will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation in October will be held on Saturday 25 July (6.30 pm Mass) and Sunday 26 July (10.30 am Mass). All parents and children are expected to attend one of the Masses.


Music Rehearsal Day - Friday 24 July

Due to losing two days this week for pupil-free days, this Friday will be used as a music rehearsal day. Both choirs will rehearse with the accompanist, (during school time) and saxophone, trumpet, euphonium, clarinet, and flute ensembles will have rehearsal time allocated throughout the day.

PLEASE HAVE YOUR INSTRUMENT WITH YOU ON FRIDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY if you are in any of the wind ensembles. Extra rehearsals will be slotted in next week too.

Music Notes and Permission Sips

Ms Draper has distributed 6 different notes to children today that are involved in band, choir or ensemble performances for the Performing Arts Festival. Instrumental ensemble notes were due in at the end of last term. Some of these are still outstanding and we are playing next week at the festival. It would be appreciated if all permission slips for the Instrumental ensembles could be returned promptly please. All other notes are due back by Friday 7 August.

Assembly Performances (Friday at 2.30 pm)

  • Week 2 - School Band - Friday 31 July

  • Week 4 - Junior and Senior Choir - Friday 14 August.

Band Rehearsals - Change of Day

  • Band rehearsal will take place on THURSDAY at 8 am instead of Wednesday for Weeks 2 and 3. We have three performances this term so we need full attendance.

  • Band members have received a schedule of rehearsals and performances for this term.

Performing Arts Festival - Term 3

All students should have received their Performing Arts Festival dates and times. Parents are responsible for arranging to get students to solo and duet performances. The school will organise ensemble, band and choir transportation. Venue entry to all events is $4.00 per adult. If you have a number of events to attend it may be worth purchasing a season pass that will get you into all 2015 PAF events for $12.00. (Excluding Perth Convention Centre and the Perth Concert Hall.)

A summary of group performances are below:

Week 2

  • Wednesday 29 July - Instrumental Ensembles (10.00am -11.30am session)

  • Thursday 30 July - Guitar Ensemble. (11.00am - 12.30pm session).

Week 3

  • Tuesday 4 August - Vocal Soloist

  • Wednesday 5 August - Instrumental soloist (wind)

Week 4

  • Tuesday 11 August - Senior Choir (am)

Week 5

  • Monday 17 August - Junior Choir (pm)

  • Tuesday 18 August - School Band (evening)

  • Wednesday 19 August - Senior Choir

Week 6

  • Tuesday 25 August - Yr 6 Choral Speech

Lollipops Fundraiser Update

On Friday 26 June our Orana P & F Lollipops fundraiser was held. It was a great success with 71 children attending. The night was full of running and laughter and was enjoyed by all of the children (including supervising adults). The event raised nearly $700, well done Orana Community!

The P & F Committee would like to thank those who assisted with the event including Katrina Cooper, David Thomas and Natalie LeGuay. Our thank you also extends to Lollipops (Jandakot) for their support and use of their venue.

MARANATHA (Centre for Adult Faith Information)

Click here for more courses available in Term 3 (two of which can be done online).

PFFWA (Parents & Friends Federation of WA)

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Boys & Girls (8-13)

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