Dear Parents


I would like to welcome all our families back to the school following the mid-year school holiday period with a special welcome to the nine new students (five families) who have commenced school at this time in Years K, PP, 1, 2, 3 and 4. We also welcome the new intake of students into the Pre-Kindergarten programme at this point in time. To all the new as well as the returning families, a very warm welcome to Orana Catholic Primary School. We have some new staff members with Mrs Liza Tilzey commencing as our Science teacher and Ms Caitlin Burgess as Education Assistant. Mrs Kara Vaughan returns to the position of Education Assistant (K and PK) after an extended period of absence. Mrs Cherise McDonald (Year 4), Mrs Anita Urquhart (Year 3) and Mrs Joanna Rucki (EA) are here covering staff on long service leave.


The students in Year 6 are making their final preparations for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation to be conferred on the weekend of 22/23 August. Please pray for all candidates and their families.

School Reports

Last term was the first time we sent the interim school reports out electronically. I welcome parental feedback on this and any other aspects of the reports that you would like to make comment upon. You are invited to do so via email to Subject line: School Reports. Responses required by Tuesday 28 July please.

This afternoon, the staff will as part of the review process also be looking at the reporting process and the experiences of using electronic reports and with the various State Curriculum changes in place.

Performing Arts Festival

Commencing this Friday morning with a combined Catholic Schools Mass is the 26th annual Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges here in WA. The festival is a month long celebration showcasing the many different talents of students from the 162 Catholic schools here in WA. This year there are in excess of 19,000 students from the various schools participating in a variety of artistic and musical performances. Orana Catholic Primary School will be very well represented again this year with both choirs performing, along with the School Band, and a number of our classes, as well as many individual and small ensembles. In total we will have over 200 of the students here participating in the Festival.


I just think that parental knowledge and awareness of all things concerning online safety is not a want for parents, in today's age, it is a need (not to think what the next two, five or ten years will bring and half our school population will still be in a school setting in ten years time)

Good practice and protocols begin early in life. The Federal government has upgraded their website for online safety from the Cybersmart website. Parents please take the time to have a look at what is available.


EduDance is back again for this year with children from PP-6 participating in the programme over the next eight weeks. (If you think of Edudance as being a mix between aerobics, general movement and fitness and a Flash Mob performance you will have a general mental image as to what this is about). EduDance is a significant part of the Physical Education and Arts component of the curriculum. It is through the generosity of the P&F who are financially supporting the programme that the school is able to present this here once again in 2015 and I wish to on behalf of the students who really do enjoy the programme, thank the P&F and parents in general for their support.


Both the electronic and hardcopy of the term's events will be published tomorrow, 23 July 2015. The hard copy will be sent home with the eldest child in each family.


Assemblies this term, as indicated late in Term 2 will be on Friday afternoons and not in the usual timeslot of Friday morning. Quality presenting and speaking at assemblies by the students is an important skill and like all skills takes practice. Year 6 students (and other students who present) must be given time to rehearse. As EduDance takes up the whole two days in the Hall and with perceptual motor programme there on Tuesdays, the only time available for practice is Friday morning, therefore the need to change assemblies to Friday afternoons for this term.