Dear Parents

Performing Arts Festival (Award Presentation)

The 26th annual Performing Arts Festival concluded this week with the final concert at the Perth Concert Hall at which the Orana Senior Choir performed, and performed once again to the very high standard of which they are capable. The Performing Arts Festival concludes with presentations across a number of categories and as has been previously announced, our School Choir is the 2015 recipient of the Archbishop Foley Award for Primary School Liturgical Choir. Orana Catholic Primary School was also the recipient of one of the six major awards presented on the night, for the second year running we have been awarded the Zenith Commendation for Sustained Improvements in Primary Schools. The award is based on sustained improvement in the school's overall performances over the last five-year period. I would like to thank the many who have supported the school's participation over the years, from children and parents through to staff and tutors. In particular, thank you is extended to Mrs Draper as the primary driving force behind the school's participation in the festival again this year.

Performing Arts Festival (Honour Certificates)

At this Friday's whole school assembly those students who received an Honourable Mention for their performances in this year's Festival will receive their certificates in front of the whole school.

Literacy and Numeracy Week (Book Parade)

We celebrated our book parade this morning as part of Literacy and Numeracy week here at Orana. The children and staff looked fantastic and thanks to all for the great effort put into this morning's activity.

Nine reasons why reading is important

  • Reading is fundamental to function in today's society. Without the ability to read day-to-day activities that many people take for granted become a source of frustration, anger and fear.
  • Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job. Many well-paying jobs require reading as a part of job performance.
  • Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle and it needs exercise.
  • It is how we discover new things from books, magazines and even the Internet are great learning tools which require the ability to read and understand what is read.
  • Reading develops the imagination. TV and computer games have their place, but they are more like amusement. With reading, a person can go anywhere in the world. They can be a king, or an adventurer, or a princess, the possibilities are endless.
  • Reading develops the creative side of people. When reading to children, stop every once in awhile and ask them what they think is going to happen next. Get them thinking about the story.
  • Reading is fundamental in developing a good self image. Non-readers or poor readers often have low opinions of themselves and their abilities.
  • Good reading skills, especially in a phonics reading program improve spelling. As students learn to sound out letters and words, spelling comes easier. Also, reading helps to expand the vocabulary. Reading new words puts them in their mind for later use.
  • "The pen is mightier than the sword." Ideas written down have changed the destiny of men and nations for better or worse. The flow of ideas cannot be stopped. We need to read and research to build on the good ideas and expose the bad ideas.

Staff Resignation

I wish to inform the school community that our Social Worker, Irene Wright, has tendered her resignation effective as from the end of this current school term. Irene has been on LSL since the beginning of Term 2 and has decided that now is the right time to leave Orana and spend more time involved with interests outside of school. Her tenure began at Orana 14 years ago and I personally have valued her professionalism, her insight and work ethic in fulfilling the duties associated with being a social worker in a school. The school will shortly commence the process of filling this important role within the school.

Sports Carnival Days

The carnival for athletics is to be conducted over two days with the sprint events, team games, and relays being conducted early in Term 4( Tuesday 20 October). Next Tuesday 22 September we have the field events, starting at 9.00am with the 400 metre races for Years 3-6 and then, on a rolling timetable, the field events of long jump, shot-put and turbo-jav will be held between 9.30am - 12.00pm. Students who have been selected for their house team have now been informed if they are participating in these field events.

Uniform (Winter to Summer)

With the commencement of the final term only weeks away, a reminder that either uniform may be worn for the first two weeks of the next term, this being a transition period. Full summer uniform must be worn from the commencement of Week 3 next term, Monday 26 October 2015. The Uniform Shop is open on Tuesdays from 8.30am through until 10.30am.

School Works

Three jobs have been attended to around the school this week:

  • Near the school flagpole the garden area has been extended out further and additional rose bushes planted. This area now has a small limestone wall erected to form the border. A plaque and small memorial honouring the dedication and service shown by Mrs Jacqui Earl will be placed in this garden area.
  • The school oval has, after a number of years, been cored to assist with water penetration and continued growth.
  • All lights in the school hall have had to be replaced. Visitors to the hall may have noticed that about 20% of the lights there were not working, the cause attributed to a fault with the lights themselves when they were installed and is covered under school's insurance policy taken out during the hall fit out. Given the height of the ceiling it was necessary to bring in specialist equipment and have all 75 double light fittings replaced.


This Friday we will have our weekly whole school assembly with honour certificates for students in the middle and upper primary year levels. All parents are always welcome to attend.