Dear Parents

Open Night

Thank you to the many people who attended last week's Open Night here at school. The night was a great opportunity to view the progression of work on display in the various classes and to gain some insight into the excellent work bring produced across the year levels. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff for their commitment and dedication to the students at Orana and for opening up their rooms on the night. Thank you to the Out of School Hours Care Centre for opening up the Centre, and to the Orana School Band for again putting on a superb performance on the evening.

Cross - Country Carnival

Congratulations to the students who represented the school at the interschool cross-country carnival yesterday. There was a good competitive spirit and support amongst our students, parents and families throughout all of the events. The effort of all is to be commended. Thanks to Mrs Catherine Payne for her work in coaching the students and to our PE teacher Mr Leigh Chatt for his work with the students.

Assistant Principal Appointment

I am pleased to announce that the new Assistant Principal for Orana Catholic Primary School starting in January 2016 is Mrs Emma Bell. Emma is currently employed in Catholic Education as a School Support consultant working with a number of Catholic schools in the area of curriculum planning, design and implementation. She has also had many years of classroom teaching experience at all primary school levels prior to taking on this role with the CEO. The role that Emma will play here will have a strong focus on working closely with teachers in curriculum practices within the different classrooms and year levels.

Edudance Concerts

This afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon we have the Edudance Concerts and again in 2015 they have been well received and enjoyed immensely by the students. A big thank you to the P&F for their financial support of the programme once again this year. For Thursday's concert, I wish to advise that Parking will be available on the school oval. Please beware that this parking is not available until 1.20pm as the students are playing up until that time. This should not be a problem as the concert does not begin until 2.15pm. Please enter through the 'drive through' and turn left through the orange markers and proceed carefully onto the oval.

Thank you

On behalf of all the Dads in the school a big thank you to the Mums from the P&F for all their hard work to ensure last week's Father's Day breakfast was a success. I would also like to acknowledge the support from one of our parents, Florence Sukmoto, for providing at cost the muffins on the day. You can thank Florence herself next time you are near Muffin Break in Booragoon.

Thank you also to those who attended the Grandparents' Mass last Friday. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to acknowledge the important role that grandparents play within the Orana community.

School Sports

These are to be conducted as usual over two days, the main day being early in Term 4. September 22 (Tuesday week) we have our first day, the field events, held throughout the day. Students involved will be informed in advance of their participation, if required, in these field events

Uniform (Winter to Summer)

With the commencement of the final term only weeks away, a reminder that either uniform may be worn for the first two weeks before the full summer uniform is to be worn from the commencement of Week 3, Monday 26 October 2015. The Uniform Shop is open on Tuesdays from 8.30am through until 10.30am.


This Friday with honour certificates for children in the junior classes. There will also be a number of our junior vocalists performing at assembly.