Dear Parents


This weekend the majority of our Year 6 students will be received fully into the Catholic Church when they are confirmed. They will join with a number of candidates from the Parish to receive the Sacrament in our parish with the Archdiocese Vicar General Rev Fr Peter Whitely, the principal celebrant for both Confirmation Masses. We pray for all candidates, the teachers and catechists who have prepared the students, for their families and for Fr Whitely, Fr Thai and Fr Joe, as they carry out their duties and responsibilities.

2016 Intentions

Planning for 2016 is underway and it is important that we know of your intentions for 2016 schooling. Today, coinciding with the newsletter, is a letter requesting information about your child's schooling for 2016. There are, across most year levels, waiting lists of students and therefore your assistance in indicating whether you intend your child to be here or elsewhere for next school year is required. This does not apply to Year Six students and their families as a separate letter requesting information about secondary school has been previously communicated.

Cross Country Carnival

Next Monday 24 August we will be holding our intra-school cross country carnival (Years 3-6) here on the School Oval. The start time for this will be at 11.00am. Please click here for the timetable of events. We will run the events as closely as possible to the times listed.

Performing Arts Festival

Once again the students have excelled themselves, individually and collectively, in their participation in this year's Performing Arts Festival. This week has been an extremely busy one with both Choirs and the School Band performing. All were very impressive and a big thank you to Ms Sarah Draper for the professionalism and high quality level these students are performing at.

Thank you Orana Community

I wish to give thanks to all who contributed and participated in the recent fundraising for a companion dog for Lachlan Johnson - from those who generously made cash donations, to all who supported the sausage sizzle with their orders, to the many volunteers who cooked and packaged up the sausages, and to the Johnson family themselves for taking such a leap of faith in the generosity of the Orana community. It was wonderful to see that the Orana Catholic Primary School support has gone a long way to making the acquisition of the dog a reality.

Thank you Cherise McDonald

Mrs Cherise McDonald has been working in Year 4 for the duration of this term while Mrs Helen Morcombe has been on long service leave. I take this opportunity to thank Mrs McDonald for her efforts and her work ethic over the last five weeks and welcome Mrs Morcombe back as from the beginning of next week.

Children Not Well

As indicated in last week's Newsletter please be aware of the number of ailments and illnesses around at the moment. This week some classes have had in excess of ten students absent from class on a single day, so thank you to those who have been cautious when deciding to send your child to school if you believe they are unwell. Impetigo, or school sores, has been reported in the school. This is an easily spread infection and parents should be vigilant too. I found the Royal Children Hospital (Melbourne) fact sheet particular easy to reference. It can be located here Kids Health Info.


Our afternoon whole school assembly is on again this Friday afternoon with piano performance from two Year 5 students, Abigail Carlos and Kristen Yong. All parents are as always most welcome to attend.