Dear Parents/Carers

We have almost reached the end of a very busy term. Our students have worked very hard and are to be commended on their behavior at school. I know the staff are looking forward to a break, as they have been very busy preparing lessons for the students and are to be commended on how bright, busy and welcoming the classrooms look. Next week, on Tuesday, I will be attending a meeting with a number of other principals, with representatives from ACARA concerning the over crowding of the primary school curriculum. Mrs Woodgate will be a school representative on the new Catholic Education Primary School, School Report work party and will be attending the first meeting next Tuesday. Ms Whyte and Mrs Packer will be attending PD run by the Apple group on furthering technology use in schools. From Wednesday to Friday next week, I will be attending the Catholic Primary Principals Conference. Ms Whyte and Mrs Woodgate will be in charge while I am away.

The Catholic Church in Australia celebrates Social Justice Sunday on 29 September. This year's Social Justice Statement is titled: 'Lazarus at our Gate: A critical moment in the fight against world poverty'. The Statement urges all Australians to focus on our obligation to help the world's poorest and to work to combat poverty wherever it is found. Although progress has been made over the past decade in the fight against extreme poverty, one billion people still live on less than $1.25 per day, and 20 per cent of the world's poor live in countries near Australia.

The final concert for the Performing Arts Festival took place at the Concert Hall on Monday. The Orana school band won the shield in the Concert Band section and Misa MacDonald represented Orana on the night. Many students have won Merit Certificates and Honourable Mention Certificates. These students will be acknowledged at this Friday's assembly.

I wish everyone a safe and restful break and look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 14 October.


The Parent / Child Reconciliation workshop will be held this evening, Thursday, 19 September at either 5.30pm or 7:00pm. The parish hall is the venue for these workshops.

The Year 3 Parent Information Night for the 1:1 Laptop Program

This meeting will take place on Monday evening, 23 September, at 7.00pm in the Library.At the meeting, the ordering procedure will be explained and flyers will be distributed as well as key dates given.I look forward to seeing as many parents at the meeting as possible. If you are unable to attend, the flyer will be sent home with your child on Tuesday 24 September.

Sports Day 1 (Field Events)

Next Tuesday 24 September is Sports Day 1 / Field Events. This day will include the 400m races, Long Jump, Shot Put and Turbo Javelin events for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6. These events will only involve those students who qualified in the top two of their house group for each event and will run from 9.00am to approximately midday. Once a student has finished their event/s they will return to class.

Purple Day

There is a buzz of excitement around the school as many students and staff, look forward to the football game on Saturday night. Students are reminded that, on Friday, they may wear their blue sports shorts with purple accessories (no purple hair spray please). This is not a free dress day so if your child is not participating in "Purple Day" then they should wear their regular school uniform.

Pupil Free Day

A reminder that Friday, 27 September is a pupil free day. The staff will be undergoing a day of faith formation at Yidarra Catholic Primary.

TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg


Before you ring the College know what bullying is. Bullying is not:

  • Mutual arguments and disagreements (where there is no power imbalance).

  • Not liking someone or a single act of social rejection.

  • One-off acts of meanness or spite.

  • Isolated incidents of aggression, intimidation or violence.

*If your child is bullied - what are you as parents doing to help your child?

*You must build resilience in your child.

*Stop outsourcing parenting.


Building emotional and spiritual resilience enables our students to enjoy life and survive pain, disappointment and sadness. It is a positive sense of well-being and an underlying belief in our own and others' dignity and worth.