Dear Parents and Carers

Many thanks, to all the families who attended the open night last night. The support for your child and the classroom teachers was overwhelming and obvious from the numbers observed in classrooms and watching the band. A big thanks to staff for giving up time to have classrooms open so that families could visit and view their students work on display. My apologies for not making the oval available for parking, an oversight, and at future events this will be rectified. There will be parking on the oval from 1:30pm on the two days that we have the EDU Dance concert and a staff member will be on duty to direct traffic.

The P&F deserve a big thank you for their work in organizing the Father's Day Breakfast last week. It was extremely well attended and the fathers are to be congratulated for taking time to enjoy breakfast with their children. I will be away in Karratha next Wednesday to Friday on work commitments. We wish Mrs Woodgate and Ms Whyte a great two days as they are attending the WA Catholic Assistant Principal's Conference today and tomorrow.

Australian Curriculum

Families would be aware that this year Orana teachers have begun implementation and reporting on English, Maths, Science, History and Geography from the Australian Curriculum. On Friday afternoon Mrs Wall, Miss Nottage and myself will be attending PD on one of the next learning areas that will be implemented.

Information from this PD will be then brought back to the Orana staff.


The Federal election is being held this weekend and the Catholic Education Office has a flyer with information regarding policies from both parties. Please take time to read the flyer to help make an informed decision when voting. To view, click Fact-1 and Fact-2.

Term Dates

Please note that students finish school on Thursday 26 September this term. They will commence Term 4 on Monday 14 October.


At the P&F meeting on Monday night it was agreed that 4 sets of shade sails be purchased for the school to use at carnivals etc to provide shelter for the students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the P&F for providing this excellent resource for our students.


I would remind families about their responsibility in regard to payment of school fees. There are a number of fees still outstanding. If there are concerns in dealing with payments please come and speak to me so as alternative arrangements can be made.

Students Not Returning in 2014

For the purposes of future planning, we need to be aware if students will not be returning in 2014. If you know that your child will not be returning to Orana next year, please inform the school in writing as soon as possible.