Dear Parents / Carers

As we come to the end of this term it is a good time to reflect on what has taken place. Students have been exposed to a wide variety of events. These include Sacramental preparations, Edu-Dance, Performing Arts, sporting events as well as exciting classroom activities. Thank you parents for your support during this "action packed" term.

Sports Day 1

Congratulations to the many students who participated in our sports day on Tuesday. Even though the weather gave us a few anxious moments the events were finalised and the students enjoyed the competition. Thank you to our many volunteers, without your help a day like this could not take place. Thank you also to Miss Harrison for her hard work in preparing for this event.

We wish you and your children a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to an active fourth term, commencing Monday 14 October.

Conny Whyte / Assistant Principal

TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg


  • Count your blessings - write down once a week three or four things for which you are currently thankful - from the mundane to the magnificent.

  • See life as it is, but focus on the good bits.

  • Practise acts of kindness - these should range from the random (let someone in who is ahead of you in traffic) to the systematic - volunteers live longer.

  • If you want to feel good - do good.

  • Savour life's joys - pay close attention to momentary pleasures and wonders. Focus on the small things. There is more to life when you stop and notice.

  • Invest time and energy in family and friends - having strong personal relationships is the single biggest contributing factor to emotional wellbeing.

  • Kids need to learn about obtaining, maintaining and retaining friends.

  • Thank your mentor - with a hand written letter.

  • Learn to forgive - let go of anger and resentment.