God our Father,

Gifts without limit flow from your goodness

and bring us peace.

Guide our life's journey,

for only your love can make us whole.


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the start of Term 3. We welcome a number of new families to our school community. We also welcome Miss Sam Spadaro, Miss Meagan Baronas and Mrs Anita Urquhart replacing Mrs Lovelle, Mrs Packer and Mrs Grech who are on long service leave for part of, or all of the term.

Please pray for the Gorman family who lost their grandfather during the holidays.

We have a very busy term ahead and we start today with the opening Mass for the Catholic Education Performing Arts performances which will be held during the term. We will have a number of students and myself representing the school at the Mass. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kerry Marshall and Sarah Draper for their time and commitment in preparing our students for the Performing Arts festival this year.

Congratulations to Terry Allan (dad of Marcus in 3B) who has been named Volunteer of the Year for Auskick WA.

Our students this term, are preparing for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Reconciliation. Please keep these children in your prayers as they prepare for these important steps in their Faith formation.

Many thanks to Miss Harrison for training our cross country students before school in preparation for the interschool competition. Well done to the large number of students who have attended the first training session.

This term we have a committee of teachers looking at our school Math's Programme. They will be looking at what is needed by the school to develop a whole school approach to Maths from Pre Primary through to Year 6. They will be looking at what, best practice is, other schools are doing and at the types of Math's Programmes that are available.

Unfortunately the tree near the play pit had contracted some kind of terminal disease and was a hazard too due to the possibility of dropping branches. The tree has had to be cut down. We will look at replacing it elsewhere on the school grounds with a replacement tree.

A reminder that unfortunately animals are not to be brought onto the school grounds as we have a number of students who suffer serious allergies. There is also the safety factor that a dog or cat may bite or scratch as they may be provoked unintentionally. Thank you for your help in this matter.

A number of students are regularly arriving at school late in the mornings. Please be aware that under the Education Act it is a legal requirement that students arrive at school prior to 8:50am. Thank you to those families who do have their children arrive at school before 8:50am.

On the other hand, we have some children being dropped off at school extremely early. Please remember that there is no supervision for the students before 8.30. We understand that many parents have to work but if you need to drop your children off before 8.00am then please make use of our supervised OSHC.

School Board

As you would be aware the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) has publicly endorsed the Australian Government's Better Schools Plan. This is available on the Catholic education website http://www.ceo.wa.edu.au

Catholic education in Western Australia has unique needs and two outstanding funding issues remain unresolved and discussions will continue with the Federal Government.

Catholic education in WA will continue to work hard to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome on behalf of your children and all of the 73,000 students in our system across WA.


There will be a P&F meeting next Monday 5 August at 7:00pm in the school Library. All are invited to attend.

School's Week Display - Stockland Riverton

Orana will be one of five local schools displaying student work at the Riverton shopping centre next week. A variety of work samples will be on display between Wednesday 31 July and Sunday 4 August. Hopefully many families from our community will have the

opportunity to view this display. Many thanks to the students and teachers for providing the work samples.

Conclusion of Term 3

Please note, Term Three concludes for students on Thursday 26 September.

Sacramental Dates this Term


Parent & Child workshops: Thurs 1st Aug 5.30 &7.00pm

Sacrament: Sat 24th August 6.30pm and Sun 25th August 10.30am


Commitment Masses: Sat 17th Aug 6.30pm or Sun 18th Aug 9.00am or 10.30am

Retreat: Wed 11th Sept - both classes

Parent & Child Workshops: Thurs 19th Sept 5.30pm or 7.00pm

Allen McMahon / Principal