Dear Parents

New Reporting System: PP - Year 6

Further to last week's information regarding school reports, we have emailed username and passwords to the email addresses that we have recorded in our school database. If you have not received this information sent today to your inbox, please contact the school via email so that we can accurately record your email address. For this purpose, please use

This is preferable to a phone call or a visit to the Office as inaccuracies can occur easily through verbal communication. We need your email address as sent out by your email client. Please put School Reports in the subject line of your email please.

Thanks for attending to this matter.

First Holy Communion Retreat

Tomorrow the Year 4 students will be participating in a Parish Retreat as part of their preparation for First Holy Communion on the weekend of 20 and 21 June. This is an important part of the children's final preparation. I ask that you continue to keep these students in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayer Assembly

This Friday we have a whole school (PP-6) Prayer Assembly conducted by the students in Year 2B. Parents are most welcome to attend.

Pirate Day

Friday is also "Pirate Day Friday", a national fundraising day raising funds and awareness for research into the cure and prevention of Childhood Brain Tumours. The event takes place annually on the second Friday in June and is on the same day as white-eye patch day (the international fundraising day for Childhood Brain Tumours). On the day there will be primary schools from all over the country hosting some form of a Pirate-themed free dress day. We do ask that in return for coming dressed like a pirate, a coin donation be made.

Year 6 Cake Stall

Year 6 students as part of their Leadership program are conducting a cake stall on Friday 12 June.

Cyber Safety Incursions (Years 4-6)

Next Wednesday, we have a special school incursion for the students in Years 4 -6, as they will be participating in a Cyber safety presentation. Class Act Theatre Inc. will present a cyber safety performance to the students as part of the Orana's ongoing awareness and education programme. Educating our children in the many facets of living in a digital world is a relatively new responsibility for parents to take on. Parents today are really the first generation of parents who need to add this aspect to parenting. There are, however, some fantastic online support programmes in this area, with information available for parents and children of all ages. One of the best is the Federal Government's own website. This website provides a variety of learning opportunities and factual information about a range of digital issues. I encourage all to take the time to visit this on a regular basis.