Dear Parents

Australia's "Biggest Morning Tea"

This event has been around for a number of years here in Australia. The Orana P&F are hosting a special Morning Tea this Friday (immediately after the whole school assembly). The morning tea will be conducted in the school hall. I would like to thank Paola Mena for coordinating this event. Funds raised will be donated to the Cancer Council to support them in their work endeavoring to save lives through the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. Further information can be found at the following website.

"Ryley Day"

On the last day of Term One I promised that, upon his return to school following a kidney transplant operation, we would have a Free Dress Day for Year Two student Ryley Savy. Ryley returned to school this week and therefore this Friday 29 May children can come in casual clothes to school. No gold coin donation required as I am conscious of the many requests we have recently placed on families for various causes. Later this year we will look at supporting Princess Margaret Hospital in recognition of their work with lots of children across WA.

Student Illnesses

There are a number of children in our school who at present have lower immune levels to normal, meaning they are far more susceptible to infection and illness from others. These lower levels are a result of the treatment they are receiving following major surgery. We ask that you act on the side of caution to keep your child away from school if you believe they are unwell. Please inform the school should a there be a diagnosis of any significant communicable diseases in any year level.

Confirmation Retreat

This Thursday the Year 6 students will be attending a Parish lead retreat in preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. This is to be held in our school hall and will involve all parish candidates preparing for the Sacrament.

Pupil Free Days

Next Monday is the Public Holiday associated with WA Day. Tuesday 2 June is also a Pupil-Free Day. School recommences on Wednesday 3 June at the usual start times.

Prayer Focus Area

The School Board is seeking input from the community for input into establishing a religious focus area within the school grounds. Interested parents and community members are invited to submit their ideas for this that will be taken back to the Board for consideration. For the purposes of consistency, it is requested that the format for each proposal be the same using the following headings:

Proposal Heading: (e.g. Harmony Garden; Grotto)
Rationale: (Why is this of importance; how does it fit into the school ethos, culture and beliefs)
Description of what is being proposed (include suggested location/s within the school; links to the past, present and future of Orana Catholic Primary School; possible usage; what maintenance and care is envisaged; specific requirements needed - lighting, water, security)
Suggested Cost and how the Project might be funded.
Any additional information you feel is relevant.

All submissions will be considered by representatives of the School Board and the wider community. The closing date for submissions has been extended to Friday 12 June 2015. Please submit these to the Front Office addressed as Prayer Focus Area.


This Friday the Year 3B students will lead the school in a prayer assembly to be followed by a normal assembly with honour certificates and class news involving the junior classes. Cecilia Limargana, a Year 2 student, will perform at the assembly. Cecilia is to play at Carnegie Hall, New York in June this year.