Dear Parents

Mrs Jacqueline Earl

Yesterday a number of staff members and parents attended the funeral service for Mrs Jacqui Earl, a staff member here at Orana Catholic Primary School from 2004 until her passing early last week. The large number of people attending was testament to Jacqui and both the influence and impact she had on the lives of so many. She will be truly missed by many, not least of all those she worked with here at Orana.

I would like to thank the students and families for their understanding and support with the changes to the school day yesterday. My thanks are also extended to the Principals and staff from neighbouring schools for their generosity in offering to, and supplying, staff to cover our classes at this time.


Our condolences are extended to Mrs Irene Wright (Social Worker) on the passing of her mother last week. Please keep Irene and her family in your thoughts and your prayers.

Year 2 Student, Ryley

Ryley Savy recently underwent a major kidney transplant operation and I know many in the community have been praying for he and his family. He has undergone two additional operations since the main one in late April relating to secondary issues. The transplant operation was successful and his recovery has started. Ryley is still in hospital but out of the ICU. Ryley's mother, Natasha, as kidney donor is home from hospital. We look forward to the continued progress with Ryley's recovery and eventual return to school.


The National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy is an assessment of literacy and numeracy undertaken annually by all Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students throughout Australia since 2008. It is but one of a number of ways that schools collect data and should be viewed in this context. It is not, as some would suggest, a tool for selection into secondary schools or for the streaming of students. We prepare our students as we see fit and in a way that serves well beyond NAPLAN. The reality is that these tests are a reference for assessing overall school, state and national performance only as opposed to being a focus on the individual. It is simply not possible to gain sufficient, robust information based on a small set of generic tests given two years apart, more so when we create environments similar to testing environments of that of a secondary school examination setting. The best advice I can give to parents when it comes to supporting their children during this time - good rest and good routines during next week and lots of encouragement to "do one's best". Placing undue pressure or emphasis will only result in unnecessarily raising levels of anxiety. Education and learning is life-long, and with good teaching and good programmes in place, a child will be assisted to achieve closer to their potential.

Lapathon 2015

This special event will take place after Assembly on Friday 22 May on the school oval. Students and teachers from PreKindy and PP-Year 6 will be walking, running or skipping around the oval at that time. Parents and other family members are invited to participate as well. Kindy students will do their Lapathon during Buddy time on Wednesday afternoon 20 May with the Year 3 students guiding them.

Lapathon 2015 is a P&F initiative to connect students with fitness, fun and participation. Sponsor sheets will be sent home today and we ask parents to assist their children to find sponsors within their family and friendship groups. All funds raised will go towards our EduDance program that will run in Term 3.

School Camp

The Year 6 students will be attending School Camp from next Wednesday 13 May. I wish these students, staff and parents a most enjoyable camp experience


The month of May has historically been a month devoted to Mary, as the mother of Jesus. Individual classes and year levels are making their own response to saying the Rosary throughout this month. Parents have the opportunity to join with other parents in saying a decade of the Rosary for the duration of May commencing next Monday 11 May at 9am. The venue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be the Library. All welcome.


Whole school assembly this week with honour certificates and news from the middle and senior classes. All welcome.

Happy Mother's Day

To all our Mothers within the school community, wishing you all a very happy and restful Mother's Day this Sunday.