Dear Parents

Welcome back to the start of a new school term. As we begin the term, I would like to welcome new staff members to the school. Tracy Small has joined the staff replacing Irene Wright as the school's Social Worker while Irene takes long service leave for both Terms 2 and 3. Tracy will be here on Wednesday and Thursday of each week. For significantly shorter time periods than that above, we do have other LSL replacements in the school and welcome Louise McDonald (Music), Cherise McDonald (Year 4), Anita Urquhart (Year 3), Mikaeli Fee (Education Assistant) and Joanne Rucki (Education Assistant) to the school for the start of the term.

21st Century Learning

I recently came across the following article that focused on some of the important elements needed in schools today as they cope with the changes to the world in which our children live. The following quote serves as an introduction to the context of the article and parents are encouraged to read the article linked thereafter.

"As always, at its core, the role of education is to prepare students to become active, successful, and contributing members of society. The essence of education's role has not changed. However, there has been an important change that must be considered. Society has changed. We cannot adequately prepare students for the society that exists today or will exist tomorrow, if we continue to prepare them for the society that existed yesterday. In order to prepare students to play their role in the 21st century society we are a part of, a few things need to be considered when deciding how education will look in our schools and classrooms."

(Nichols. J. 4 Essential Rules of 21st Century Learning in, March 2013).

The full article can be located here.

School Prayers

Our condolences are extended to Mrs Sue Tormay (Year 5) and her family on the recent passing of her mother, Mrs Joan Green. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Sue's family at this time.

School Prayers

One of our current students, Ryley Savy (Year 2) had a kidney transplant operation yesterday, the donor for this operation being his mother Natasha. Initial reports received are that the operations were both successful and that the doctors are pleased at this stage with the results. Ryley is to stay in ICU for a short period of time before at least two weeks in hospital and then a longer period recovering at home. Natasha may be out of hospital as early as this weekend. I know that the Savy family would appreciate your continued support and prayers.

ANZAC Service

We commemorate ANZAC Day here at Orana this Friday morning with a prayer service in the school hall commencing at 9.00am. I invite families and friends to attend this important school gathering as we come together in memory of those who have served this country over the many different campaigns and conflicts. Children who are members of local Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or Girl Guides are encouraged to wear their uniforms.

School Survey

Catholic schools here in WA are required to conduct "School Climate Surveys" every two years with data input from staff, students and parents. This year, Orana will be involved in the survey collection. Sixty families have been randomly chosen for the survey and letters sent home to these families this week. The responses to these are to be returned sealed in envelopes and will be sent to Insight SRC, the external agency contracted to distribute, collect and analyze the results of the survey. To those families receiving the surveys your participation is appreciated. I assure those families that your responses are kept both anonymous and belong the property of the external agency. If you require further information, Insight contact details are contained in the survey letter or you may contact our Assistant Principal, Conny Whyte.

Uniform Transition

We transition between summer and winter uniform at this time when children may attend school in either summer or winter uniform for the first two weeks of the term. It is expected that as from Monday 4 May children are attending school in full winter uniform.

Term Two will also see the following

NAPLAN Testing for the Year 3 and 5 students. To be conducted during the week commencing 11 May 2014, this set of tests is given to students in these year levels (as well as Year 7 and 9) across all schools in Australia on an annual basis. Our focus is all year round as we aim to ensure good teaching and learning opportunities are in place on an ongoing basis. This is the best preparation for these tests. Parents need to be careful not to, with the best of intentions, inadvertently add pressure and anxiety onto their child in placing too great an emphasis on these tests. The best support in the lead up to the tests - ensure good routine and sleep patterns are in place, take a calm and measured approach to supporting your child and, be supportive with your words of encouragement to try one's best.

Sacramental Programmes

The Sacrament of the Eucharist (First Holy Communion) is to be held on the weekend of 20/21 June, this Sacrament is primarily for the children in Year 4. Additional information pertaining to the First Holy Communion Committment Masses can be seen in the notices section of the newsletter.

Confirmation Commitment Masses are to be held 23/24 May, the same weekend that the upper primary students from Orana will be leading the 6.30pm Parish Vigil Mass as part of our involvement with the Parish. The children preparing for the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation will also be on retreat at different times throughout this term.

Year 6

Year 6 Camp to be held between 13 and 15 May at the Ern Halliday School Campsite.

Pupil Free Days

Pupil Free Days on 27 April (ANZAC Day holiday) and 1 and 2 June (including Foundation Day long weekend)

Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon

The following students are recognized for their participation in this recent event. They are:

  • Adam, Sarah
  • Adam, Chloe
  • Caffrey, Brian
  • Caffrey, Eoin
  • Conley, Blake
  • Foster, Bella
  • Foster, Grace
  • Ingram, Caitlin
  • Ingram, Ashley
  • Keogh, Peter
  • Lobo, Cameron
  • Lobo, Chanel
  • Lobo, Mikayla
  • Mavrick, Charles
  • McKinlay, Shaun
  • McKinlay, Jean
  • Mena, Sofia
  • Payne, Kiah
  • Pettit, Lachlan
  • Soorma, Liam
  • Watkins, Dean

OSHC (use)

Out of School Hours Centre's and day-care facilities are heavily regulated, a major reason why the rules, requirements requests and processes you have to undergo are why they are. Often these require significant planning and notification from parents well in advance of their child/ren attending the Centre. Our need for this is often a regulatory body requirement and that non-compliance in many of these areas would be viewed as a breach of the licensing agreement we have entered into resulting in the Centre incurring significant fines or even de-registration.


This week there is no assembly due to the ANZAC service being held during this time.