Dear Parents

Lifelink Day - Market Stall Fun Day

Thank you to all for the effort, organisation and participation in today's fun activities. The focus of this was to raise funds as part of the Archbishop's Lifelink Day Appeal. The money raised goes to supporting a variety of Catholic-based charities working with those less fortunate within the community.

Blanket Appeal

A second fundraiser is planned for this week, the St Vincent de Paul Blanket Appeal to be conducted this Friday. In return for being able to come to school wearing pyjamas, children are asked to donate a blanket to the St Vincent de Paul Appeal which supports those in need. As we enter into the coldest months of the year, the small effort on our behalf will go a long way to supporting many others. On this day we will have a visit from the Hon Dr Mike Nahan, State Treasurer and MLA representing the seat of Riverton, who will be here at school to make his own presentation as part of this Appeal.

First Holy Communion Retreat

The Year Four students, in preparing for their First Holy Communion, will be on Retreat at John Paul Parish Hall tomorrow 4 June 2014.

Cyber Safety

The following is taken directly from the Federal Government's Cybersmart website, and today's information is specifically written for parents of children at an age where they are accessing, or have the means to access, social networking sites.

"Social networking describes a variety of services like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, World of Warcraft, Moshi Monsters, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, Minecraft and many others.

All of these services enable direct interaction between individuals. Users can post information about themselves, display photos, tell people what they've been up to, chat and play games. Social networking forms a part of the social identity of many teenagers."

As a parent, you can help your child have positive experiences on social networking sites.

Stay involved in your child's use of new technology. Set up your own account and learn about privacy settings so you can understand how you can best protect your child. It can be fun for you too!

  • Check the age restrictions for the social networking service or game. Some social networking sites (such as Club Penguin) are created especially for children under the age of 13, but most mainstream sites like Facebook, Instagram and others require the user to be 13 years or older.

  • Advise children to set their accounts to private so that only people they want to see it can view their information.

  • Encourage children to think before they put anything online. Information posted online can be difficult or impossible to remove. An inappropriate image posted today can have a long-term impact on their digital reputation.

  • Show them how to set up location services on their phone so they are not inadvertently broadcasting their location.

  • Remind children to be careful when making new friends online; people may not be who they say they are. Never arrange to meet an online friend unless a trusted adult is with them.

  • Report any abuse or inappropriate content to the social networking site and show children how to do this too.

  • Learn how to keep a copy of online conversations and how to block people prior to an issue occurring." (Cybersmart website)


Assembly this Friday with honour certificates for students in the junior classes. All welcome.

David Barns