Dear Parents

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Assessment

Early this term the OSHC Centre was assessed as part of the requirements for operating a day care facility. An external assessor from the Education Care Regulatory Unit, a part of The Department of Local Government and Communities, carried out the assessment. The assessment is both rigorous and comprehensive and involves being assessed against a broad range of requirements and practices. Of the 58 sub-elements that make up the bulk of the report, our Centre met 55 of these, including all those associated with the Quality Areas of Health and Safety, Physical Environment, Staffing, Relationships with Children, Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities and, Leadership and Service Management. The three sub-elements we were assessed as still "Working Toward Being Met" related to the area of seeing numerous examples of the children's input into the planning process (sub-elements 1.2.1 and 1.2.3 of the National Quality Standards) and the availability of general information about the program being made available to families (sub-element 1.1.4). A full list of all 58 elements can be viewed by typing in National Quality Standards into any search engine.

The nature of assessment is that the Centre is overall rated at that level for which a lower scale was received and therefore the Centre is assessed as "Working Towards National Quality Standard"

I am really proud of the hardworking and dedicated staff who are involved in this part of our school and warmly congratulate them all for their dedication, care and commitment shown on a daily basis to the children who use the Centre. I would especially like to acknowledge Caresse Lenzo, our Nominated Supervisor for her leadership, work ethic and hard work.

Out of School Hours Care (general notice)

Please refer to the separate notice applicable to all who currently use our Centre or may do so in the future.

School Visit

Next Wednesday 28 May, the school will play host to 11 international visitors from the Philippines representing the Catholic primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors, along with representatives from various Filipino publishing companies, here to view and discuss the current integration of ICT into the school curriculum.

School Board Meeting (summary of discussions)

The following issues were discussed as part of this month's School Board meeting.

  • The School Board will look to form a committee to assess how the 2015 Year Four 1:1 laptop program will look in 2015. This follows on from a similar review undertaken two years ago.

  • Capital works sub-committee will investigate possible solutions and course of action in regard to;

    • Replacement of evaporative air conditioners throughout the school.

    • Future (medium term) ICT hardware requirements, replacements and upgrades.

    • Future (medium term) tree maintenance from a safety and duty of care perspective.

    • Fencing Replacement (repairs) where necessary around perimeter of school.

    • Resolving basketball court drainage issues.

    • Investigate Security issues and upgrade where required.

    • OSHC Centre - 10% increase in attendance with numbers almost at capacity (license for 60 students).

    • Draft report on OSHC assessment, including reasons for original rating, and improvements made was tabled at meeting. Next assessment in approx. 2 years.

    • Maintenance- Currently getting lines marked on the car-park driveway to indicate "STOP" points. A new map is being prepared by the P&F sub-committee for distribution to all families.

P&F Meeting (summary of discussion)

Following last week's P&F meeting the following was discussed:

  • Blinds for Pre Primary. Two quotes received but a third is to be obtained. Some discussion over material to use.

  • School Board needs to discuss further the nature playground to see if this is a priority in relation to other demands on school finances. Discussion about other ideas for the playground that more children would be able to us e.g. a spider climbing frame, an obstacle course.

  • New signage has been approved for the front car park and an updated car-park instruction booklet needs to be put together with P&F representative on small sub-committee.

  • Use of playground before and after school in the Kindy/Pre primary area - to be followed up.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

There has been a confirmed case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease reported in the early childhood area of the school. While a more detailed letter has been sent to families with children in these year levels, I ask that parents do their own research on the symptoms, signs and actions necessary for dealing with this by visiting a suitable and reputable website or

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary Playground

As of Monday 26th May, parents with young children waiting to collect siblings from Kindergarten or Pre-Primary may let their children play on the playground in the Early Childhood Centre. Please understand that there will be no supervision provided by the school and that all children must be watched by their parents. If you choose to let your child/children play on the playground then you are going to do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. The school holds no responsibility for any accidents that may occur.

There will be a trial period until the end of Term 2. If during that time the school feels that adequate supervision is not taking place then we will stop the children being able to be there at this time. Thank you for your understanding and vigilance.

Mission Week - Week 6

During the short week following the long weekend and pupil-free day the children will be taking part in several activities to help raise their awareness of social justice issues and to raise some money for those less fortunate.

Mission Stalls - Wednesday 4th June - Each class/year level will be putting together stalls/games (e.g. nail painting, trash n treasure, jelly cups, throw the coin onto a can etc.). At 11.45am all classes will come out and children will be able to visit all of the games and stalls. It is up to the parents how much money they send in with their children but please make sure that all money is in a purse or wallet and that smaller denominations are used rather than notes.

Pyjama Day - As a new initiative to Orana we are going to support the St Vincent de Paul Winter Blanket Appeal. On Friday 6th June, all those who donate a blanket to the appeal can proudly wear their pajamas to school. Blankets must be either new or in good, clean condition if secondhand. Our aim is to collect more than 300 blankets, so start cleaning out your cupboards.

Basketball Carnival

Students from Years 5 and 6 will be representing the school in basketball next Tuesday in a whole day lightning carnival to be held at the Cockburn Recreation Centre. We wish all participants all the best for this event.


This Friday the whole school assembly will include a prayer service led by our Year 4 students and honour certificates for students in the junior classes.

David Barns