Dear Parents

Holy Communion

Congratulations to the Year Four students who made their First Holy Communion on the weekend. Preparation for the children receiving the sacrament has been a lengthy process, with considerable time and attention being given to ensuring that the children were both prepared well and attended with, an appropriate sense of reverence befitting the occasion. In addition, to acknowledge the support and work of our parents in working toward this, I would especially like to thank Mrs.Morcombe, Mrs Green, and Mrs Harrold for their work here at Orana and to Mrs Mildred Rego from our Parish for the overall coordination of the Sacramental Program.

Sacrament of Confirmation

With our Year Six students on Retreat today as part of their preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation (weekend of 2 and 3 August), I would like to remind candidates and their families that the onus of responsibility is with the family of the candidate to ensure that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is again received prior to Confirmation day itself. The Parish of Ss John and Paul have scheduled Reconciliation times each Saturday morning (9.30am - 10.00am) and again Saturday evening between 5.30pm - 6.00pm.

Long Service Leave

I would like to take the opportunity to wish some of our staff a fabulous time as they shortly take Long Service Leave from the school. The following staff will be on LSL:
Mrs Lyn Perrigo (Library and ICT, on leave between 30/06/2014-31/08/2014, replacement teacher is to be Miss Megan Baronas).
Mrs Nadia Lovelle (PP, on leave between 30/06/2014-01/08/2014, replacement teacher to be Mrs Anita Urquhart).
Mrs Helen Morcombe (Year 4, on leave between 21/07/2014- 24/08/2014, replacement teacher to be Mrs McDonald).

Sports Lightning Carnival

Year 5 and 6 students competed against several schools yesterday playing a variety of different sports - AFL football, netball, soccer and volleyball. While in the end we returned to school with mixed results (Volleyball winners -Division B) what was impressive from the day was the level of good sportsmanship shown throughout the carnival and the fantastic encouragement that the students received with a strong contingency of parental support at all the various venues and games. Thank you to the students for your conduct; to the parents for being there and special mention to the staff, parents and volunteers who took on various coaching roles on the day.

Rice Day

Next Tuesday is Rice Day at Orana, when we are asking everyone to have only a bowl of rice for lunch in empathy for the people in the world who have just that for their only daily meal. Please send your child with a bowl and a fork or spoon to eat with. The cooked rice will be provided. If you are able to help on the day or loan a large pot or rice cooker, please send an email to

School Reports

With the end of Term Two approaching, our written mid-year reports are being completed and will be sent home with each child. The actual reports will be issued next Wednesday 2 July. Where known, families requiring two reports, where one report will be sent home with your child and the other original report mailed out to the known second address. Please contact the Office to discuss further if you feel that such a discussion is necessary.

Year 1 Parents

An information sheet regarding the reading and interpreting of your child's report will be sent home today. By sending it home early, it is hoped that it will give parents time to make sense of what to expect when the reports are received.


Friday's assembly is a whole school assembly with honour certificates for students in the middle and upper years.

David Barns