Choir Rehearsals - Week 6

Due to the long weekend and pupil-free day on Monday and Tuesday next week, there will be no choir practice. Please make sure you are singing your songs at home. There are lots of children who are still unsure of their words. Please encourage your child to sing in the shower or bath.

Band practice will be on as normal on Wednesday morning at 8 am.


Wednesday 04/06 - Alison Gomes, Allison Crugnale, Rosita Chan

Thursday 05/06 - Una Henderson, Annie Ting, Rochelle Keogh


A reminder that tomorrow (Thursday 29 May) is the final day to submit your book order. Thank you for your understanding. Rachel & Michelle.


If you have found quitting difficult and are still a smoker, tell your child how you feel about it.

Reinforce the non-smoking messages
Make your house and car are smoke-free zones. Don't send your child to buy cigarettes or allow them to light cigarettes for yourself or others. If there are smokers in the house, keep cigarettes where children cannot access them. Discuss the issue of smoking with your child when you see others smoke.

Educate your children about the dangers of smoking. Explain the long-term risks but emphasize the immediate risks to their health and wellbeing (for example, bad breath, stained teeth and fingers, and less money in their pocket). Explaining the long-term risks may not have much of an impact, as young people can find it difficult to imagine 20 or 30 years into the future.

For more information on smoking, go to and


Whooping cough is a bacterial infection. Droplets that are coughed or sneezed out spread the infection. The illness usually starts with a runny nose and a cough, with long spells of coughing. The person will have many quick coughs in one spell and there will be an average of 25 coughing spells a day. After a spell, young children may 'whoop'. They may also vomit. The coughing spells will start to subside after several weeks.

If your child has whooping cough or has come in contact with whooping cough, see your doctor. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat whooping cough. Check that your child eats and drinks enough while they are sick.

The child should stay away from school until five days after starting treatment, or if not treated, for three weeks from the start of symptoms. Any children under seven who have not been immunised and have been in contact with someone with whooping cough should be kept away from school for 14 days after the contact, or until they have been on antibiotic treatment for at least five days.

For more information on whooping cough, see the fact sheet at or


Quiz Night
Saturday 12 July, Orana Catholic Primary School Hall, Querrin Avenue, Willetton. $10 per ticket (tables of 10 people). Licensed Bar. BYO Nibbles only. Contact Kylie Coten at 0409 378 424 to reserve tickets. Proceeds go to South Shore Swimming Club Travel Assistance Fund.