Loving Creator

You have called each of us to travel on a journey,

to share in Your life and bring Your light to others.

We celebrate Your presence, Your Holy Spirit, who is always with us.

Help us to be open to this Spirit, so that as we continue our journey

We will become more like You and so spread Your Light to all we meet.

We make this prayer through Jesus our brother and guide. AMEN

Dear Parents and Carers

We have made it through to the end of a very busy term! The teachers and their classes have managed to squeeze an amazing amount of learning into the last nine weeks. Everyone is to be congratulated on their hard work.

Absentee Notification

In Term 3, Week 1 the school will once again be sending SMS messages to parents if any of their children are marked absent on the class rolls without a note from parents advising of the child's absence. The SMS message will inform you that your child has been marked absent and ask you to return a note to the school. The preferred methods of advising the office of absences are:

The necessary components of the note, in order to satisfy Education Department requirements, are:

  • name of the student

  • the class / roll group of the student

  • the reason for the absence

  • the date of the absence

  • the full name of the parent/guardian at the end of the message (the 'from' email address is not sufficient as it does not necessarily have the full name of the person sending it).

Collecting the students during the school day

If you are collecting your child during the school day then you MUST come through the school office before proceeding to class to collect your child. Staff will not release children from class unless the parent produces a release note from the office authorising the collection of the child.


Reports were sent home on Tuesday. For anyone who was not at school this week, their reports will be posted out during the holidays.


On Wednesday the children took part in a fantastic incursion by the Silver Threads Band. The leaders of the band commented at the end of the session on how well behaved the children were and how magnificently they participated in the dances. Thank you to Mrs Draper for organising such an entertaining incursion.

Enrolment Surveys

During this week a 2014 Student Enrolment Survey was sent home. Please try to return this tomorrow if you have not already, as we have to try to give enrolment figures, as accurately as possible, to the Catholic Education Office.

Chess Club

Please note that there will be no Chess Club in the first week of Term 3.

Pupil Free Day

Monday 22 July is a pupil free day for students. Staff will be undertaking professional development on teaching Geography which is the latest area of the Australian Curriculum to be released.


This Friday there will be a whole school assembly at 9am. Junior honour awards will be announced. All families are welcome to attend.

I would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday and we will see you all ready for another busy term on Tuesday 23 July.

Andrea Woodgate / Assistant Principal