Dear Parents

Sacramental Commitment Masses

The Sacramental Program that our children participate in with the Ss John and Paul Parish is a Family Focused, Parish Based and School Supported initiative. All parents wishing to have their children receive the Sacrament of Penance, Communion or Confirmation are required to bring their children to one of the six Sacramental Commitment Masses which will take place over the next two weekends. At these Masses the community, parents and the children will commit and pledge to supporting and preparing the candidates for the sacraments and also receive an enrolment form. The Commitment Masses will be held at the usual Mass times of: 6.30pm on Saturday Nights, 9.00am and 10.30am on Sundays.

Parish School Partnership

Last Friday Father Joe visited our Year 2 Blue class. This is a new initiative we have started with our Parish Priest Father Thai and his new Assistant, Father Joe for 2015. Our Priests will visit our classes on most Fridays after assembly; either by just popping in for a visit or celebrating Mass or a special service with our younger classes. All classes have been rostered for the visits and special services, which will enable our Priests to get to know all the children in the school and celebrate the Eucharist with them on a more regular basis. This week the Year 4 classes will celebrate Mass with Father in the Year 4 classrooms.

Professional Development Workshop

On Tuesday our school, in partnership with Yidarra and Queen of Apostles staff hosted a Professional Development Workshop on the focus area of Writing. The workshop was facilitated by Speech Pathologist Jenny Baker from the Dyslexia SPELD Association. The workshop explored the components of well - constructed sentences and shared a range of effective teaching strategies designed to improve both sentence and passage writing. Whilst SPELD mainly assists children with Dyslexia, their expertise in servicing language needs is a valuable resource to teachers and can be applied to children of all abilities. In addition to, and to conclude the day, the teachers had a short 'Teacher Wellbeing' session on the benefits of Mindfulness and being optimistic. This was facilitated by a parent from our school, Terry Andrews who is also the Senior Psychologist in the Psychology Team at the Catholic Education Office. The feedback from the day was very positive and will benefit our students and teachers wellbeing and educational outcomes.

Swimming Carnival

Next Tuesday 10 March, students from Years 4-6 will participate in the famous Orana Faction Swimming Carnival. The carnival promises to be lots of fun for everyone involved with a mix of formal races and fun activities. The carnival will take place at Riverton Leisureplex and all parents are welcome to attend. If you have indicated that your child will be travelling by bus to the carnival, please make sure that they arrive at school on time, as the buses will be leaving at 9.00am sharp. A big thank you to Mr Chatt who has organised the trials and prepared for the carnival and all the parents who have volunteered to help on the day.

Senior Assembly

Please note that this Friday's Assembly will be a Senior assembly, not a Junior Assembly as entered in the school calendar. Merit awards will be given to children from Years 4-6.