Dear Parents

Stranger Danger

It has been brought to the attention of the school that late last week two of our students, on their way to school, noticed an elderly gentlemen, in company with a younger woman, taking photos. The children felt that some of these photos included them in the shots, the actions of which were enough to make them feel uncomfortable about the situation. The matter was brought to my attention yesterday and this morning all children have again been reminded about appropriate action to take in such circumstances, namely to walk briskly past without engaging in conversation or without stopping, then, at the first opportunity to bring the matter to the attention of a trusted adult, in this case a teacher or staff member at school. Classroom teachers will address the general matter of 'stranger danger' with their classes given this and with the upcoming school holidays approaching. I ask that parents will use this as an opportune time to do likewise at home.

Parent interviews

My thanks to the staff, to the parents and to our students who attended the parent/teacher interviews last week. Our engagement with parents and families is an important priority for us at Orana and we value the time made to discuss the current progress of your child with you. Thank you to all.

Swimming Carnival (Faction)

Thank you to all who attended last Thursday's swimming carnival at the Riverton Indoor Leisure Centre. Thank you to the parent helpers throughout the day, to the staff, in particular Miss Harrison for her preparation and work before and during the day and to Miss Mavric who, as the new PE teacher, was fully involved before even starting official work here. Thank you to all the students for their effort and participation throughout the day. I would also like to acknowledge those who coordinated and directed the swimming training sessions in the lead up to the carnival, especially parents Kylie Coten, Maria Pizzuto and Ben Faulkner.

Swimming Carnival (Interschool)

Next Tuesday our school team will travel to the Rockingham Leisure Centre for the Inter-school swimming carnival. Selected students have been notified about this. It is important that children are here at school no later than 8.25am on the day to ensure the team departs in time for the first events at 9.30am.

Holy Week (school activities)

While next week is not Holy Week, we will come together as a school to commemorate and reflect on the events of this most important week in our Catholic and Christian tradition. Next Thursday 10 April, parents are invited to attend the school hall for a re-enactment and reflection of Holy week activities starting with a Palm Sunday re-enactment at 2.00pm. I invite all parents and family members to be present for this reflection.

Faction Naming

Earlier this year the school undertook a process to have our sports factions allocated names. The general brief was that these names would encapsulate our Catholic heritage and history.

"Importantly, the new faction names will need to have Catholic significance. It may be a saint or blessed person, who, during their life modelled the values we want to instil in the children at Orana. It may be a priest or bishop who has had a contribution to the evolution of Orana or it may well be a modern day Catholic "hero " who is still doing wonderful things with their life today. " (From original letter distributed earlier in 2014.)

A sub-committee made up of school and community representatives has met and a decision made. The names will be publicly announced this Friday at the whole school assembly.

Sub-committee members involved in this process were:

  • Andrea Woodgate (School Leadership representative and Chair);

  • John Colgan (parishioner, former Orana parent and Board Chair, current Orana grandparent representing the Parish);

  • Denise Mouttet (longest serving current staff-member);

  • Marina Spence (current School Board Chair) and;

  • Lisa Foster (current P&F President).

School Transport

The school is seeking the assistance of a parent willing and able to help with the transporting of one of our Orana students after school to the child's home on up to two days per week. This would be on a semi-regular basis for the foreseeable future. The child resides in the Bateman area. If you are able to be of assistance please let the Front Office know.

Trophy Day

As this time of the year marks the end of one sporting season for many and the beginning of a new season for many others, it is a nice time to reflect on the importance of sport in our lives and the benefits of these for us. In recognition of this I have invited the children to bring one (or maybe two) of their treasured memories (a trophy, medal, ribbon, scarf) from a sport undertaken in the last 12 months, to school this Friday and to have this with them at Friday's assembly. It is during this time we will acknowledge our future sporting stars.

At this assembly we will also present the Premier's Summer Reading Challenge certificates to those students who have returned these to the school. If your child has not yet returned their certificate and they would like to be recognised at the assembly this Friday please ensure that their certificate is sent to the school office tomorrow, Thursday 3 April.

Free Dress Day for Project Compassion

This will be held next Wednesday 9 April. More details will be given at Monday morning's assembly.


The Year 2W prayer assembly will be held on Friday and includes honour certificates for children in the junior classes. All are most welcome to attend.

David Barns