Dear Parents

Harmony Day

As part of Harmony Week we will, tomorrow, celebrate our cultural diversity and uniqueness with students asked to attend school in an outfit reflecting their own cultural heritage or one that represents a culture they identify with.

Apple Australia Event

Today the school played host to visiting educators from a number of different schools within the Perth area, here to see first-hand curriculum delivery using technology tools within the classrooms. Specifically today's event focused on the implementation of SAMR Model into the Year 4 class environment, before Mrs Perrigo lead a workshop with visiting teachers on how to develop and deliver such a Model in the classroom.

"The SAMR model, developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura, aims to support teachers to design, develop and integrate learning technologies to support high levels of learning achievement. The SAMR model describes four levels of technology integration that increase in complexity and effect, from simple substitution which barely changes the function, to a more complex redefinition where the technology use can provide opportunities to create what would not be possible without that technology." (Queensland Education Department Classroom Connections webpage).

I would like to thank our Year 4 students for showcasing their talents and their teachers and especially Mrs Perrigo for sharing their beliefs and ensuring the day was such a great success.

Feast of the Annunciation

This will be celebrated next Tuesday 25 March with a Mass at the Ss John and Paul Church, Willetton. The Mass will commence at 9.00am with students from Years 3 -6 attending. It is important, given the distance between school and church that we are well aware of the proposed movements for your child on this day. Written notification needs to be provided indicating if your child will be travelling to and from the Church by bus, or whether another arrangement is in place (e.g child taken by private transport to and from church). Your child should have received a letter from their class teacher concerning this.

First Holy Communion Commitment Masses

This weekend, families with a child who will receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist this year must attend either the 6.30pm Saturday night Vigil Mass, the 9.00am or 10.30am Sunday morning Mass as part of the commitment to this programme. During these Masses, parents and children will be asked to commit to the preparation process.

Parent /Teacher Interviews (Years 1 - 6)

It is important that the lines of communication between home and school remain strong. Next Wednesday 26 March teachers will be conducting parent/ teacher interviews commencing at 12.00pm. All parents should by this time be aware of when they are to meet with their child's class teacher. The students will be accommodated here at school during the normal afternoon time period but with their normal lessons modified for the afternoon. Parents wishing to take their children home earlier on this day will need to sign an early release form before their child will be allowed to leave. All classes will conclude at the usual finishing time.

Orana Catholic Primary School - 4-Year-Old Kindergarten 2016

Interviews will take place in Term Two for enrolment into the four-year-old kindergarten programme for the 2016 school year. (DOB 1/7/2011 - 30/6/2012). During these interviews the three-year-old kindergarten programme will also be discussed and places into this programme offered for these children in 2015. The four-year-old kindergarten is run over three full days, currently Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the three-year-old kindergarten held on Fridays. For further information or application forms contact the school office, Querrin Avenue, Willetton, by email or by phone on 9457 4907.

Swimming Carnival

Next Thursday 27 March all our students from Years 4 - 6 will be participating in their faction swimming carnival. This is to be held at the Riverton Indoor Leisure Centre. Chioldren are required to remain at the carnival until all presentatyions have been made. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Life Education Van

As part of the school's Drug and Health Education programme, the Life Education van will be at Orana for the duration of next week and will, during this time, be delivering lessons to all students. Life Education visits are an important component of the Health programme within the school and cover a range of topics with children including such things as protective behaviours, drug and alcohol education, social and emotional well-being and, where to seek advice or assistance if needed.

Car Park Vigilance

This week we have had several complaints from non-Orana cyclists and pedestrians who use the footpath along Querrin Avenue every day. There have been several incidents that have almost resulted in a child being knocked off their bike by cars using the exit gate at the western end of the carpark. Please stop before exiting the school grounds.
When waiting to enter the school grounds it is our responsibility to keep the footpath clear at all times so that cyclists do not have to ride around cars onto the road. Please be vigilant about your speed and heighten your awareness of others when in the car park areas and when entering and exiting the carpark.

P&F Meeting

The next P&F Meeting is to be conducted this evening commencing at 7.00pm.The meeting will be held in the school library. All welcome.


There is a whole school assembly this week with honour certificates being awarded to students in the junior classes. All are welcome to attend.

David Barns / Principal