Dear Parents

Incursions/Excursions/ School visits:

Been and Gone ….

Year 6 students participated in a Constitution Centre incursion earlier this week with the visit to the school of a representative from that organisation. As part of the Year 6 studies, students are introduced to the political history of Federation in Australia.

Year 6 students also attended a very successful one-day excursion conducted at the Perth Convention Centre earlier this week. Lead by GRIP Leadership Group, over 1700 primary students at Year 6 and Year 7 school year levels attended the leadership course, designed to assist and give strategies to our students for carrying out their duties as student leaders within the school.

In process of ….

Today (Blue classes) and again tomorrow (White classes), students across all grade levels have had the opportunity to participate in the Western Power Schools Education incursion. Designed to impart general information, conservation and safety, this incursion is a good opportunity for your child to be able to share relevant information with you in this regard and for you, as parents to reinforce particularly the safety aspects of using electricity.

To come

Tuesday 18 March (Year 5): Year 5 students will be, as part of their History studies, attending the historic Peninsula Farm (Tranby House) in Maylands. This site is of one of the first farms in the early WA European colony and the earliest residence still standing in the metropolitan area. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the first years of European settlement in Western Australia. The students will also be attending the old East Perth Cemeteries as a unique opportunity to explore Perth's early years. The headstones tell various stories of bravery, tragedy, illness and accident, of success and suffering associated with the early colonisation of WA.

Wednesday 19 March (Year 2): Year 2 students were due to attend Kings Park Naturescape Centre and playground today. Unfortunately, due to the extreme fire risk declared by authorities at Kings Park, this part of the park was closed for the day. Year 2 students will now be on excursion at the same venue next Wednesday 19 March. Year 2 Parents, unless specifically notified in writing of any changes to the circumstances relating to your child, we are taking the information presented for today' s planned excursion, including permission we have received for your child's attendance, to remain relevant and valid for your child to attend the excursion next Wednesday 19 March.

Wednesday 19 March: The school will be hosting a group of educators throughout the day for a classroom visit and workshop looking at the integration of ICT into the Curriculum and how to improve and build on creating a differentiated learning environment within the classroom. This is an accolade for the school and especially the excellent work taking place within classes.

Harmony Week

Harmony Week is an opportunity for all Western Australians to celebrate our vibrant multicultural State. The week runs from 15-21 March every year and encourages everyone to experience, explore and appreciate our state's wealth of cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic diversity. Harmony Week is an opportunity for all Western Australians to celebrate our diversity while working to remove barriers that still exist in the community. While various classes will focus on aspects of Harmony Week within their own class and year level, as a school we are asking that children celebrate their own cultural background and show appreciation for other cultural identities within the school by coming to school next Thursday 20 March dressed in costumes which show their own cultural identity or one for a culture they have some connection with (have visited, favourite soccer team, relatives live there). Children from PP through 6 will showcase their costumes at the morning assembly; Year K children will showcase to their friends within their own class environment.

New Students

Three new students started here in last week. To Ria (PK), Daniel (PP) and Helena (3) we extend a welcome to you all and your families.


March meetings take place next week. The P&F will meet next Wednesday night at 7.00pm. P&F Meetings are open to all to attend. The School Board will meet the following evening, Thursday 20 March.

School Parking

Please be advised that the City of Canning rangers have indicated to the school they will be monitoring the various actions and events around the school in the very near future, especially in terms of illegal parking and obstruction of driveways and pathways.


This week's assembly is a whole school assembly with honour certificates for students in the middle and upper year levels. All parents are most welcome to attend.

David Barns / Principal