Dear All

General Concerns

Not wishing to start the newsletter off on a negative note, I feel that the following needs to be addressed for the development of community or the safety and benefit of children at Orana Catholic Primary School.

Use of Facebook: I appreciate it is every person's right to participate in discussions with their wider group of friends that they see as being important and pertinent to them. However what I do find difficult to accept and, quite frankly, upsetting is when people use Facebook as their primary source of information gathering and dissemination. Whilst we as a school do not always get our actions right, come and speak to me in person and initially in private about this. There may be valid reasons why things were or were not done; or we simply might have got things wrong. Nevertheless I have always found this approach to be a more sustainable, a more fruitful and a more trusting way of dealing with matters.

Car-park and general movement around school: This year already, numerous complaints have been forwarded to the Office or directly to me concerning parking in and around the school, including parking across driveways (Huon Road), across pathways, the hopping out of vehicles in the drive-way, parents and grandparents walking through car-park with children and, individuals parking in the disabled parking bays without a valid ACROD sticker. Can we please take particular care in our car parks and surrounds.

Classroom protocols: Classes open from 8.30am each day. Parents are welcome to come into the room to view work and, if necessary to assist children to be ready for the day's learning. This time is not the appropriate time for interviews to take place. The balance we need to establish is between housekeeping and incidental issues (e.g picking child up early; grandmother will be collecting today; homework not done due to family gathering) versus a discussion there and then concerning the academic, social and emotional development of your child. Please ensure the latter is attended to at a more suitable time and place to discuss with the classroom teacher.

I have always been a big supporter of parental involvement and presence here at school. In saying this I ask that you remain respectful of the learning taking place within the classroom environment. It is not appropriate for parents to tap on windows to get their child's attention, or to peer up close at the window during class time. Your consideration of the noise levels created by conversations immediately outside classrooms is also requested.

Parent Information Evenings

Thank you to the staff and to the parents for the information sessions held earlier this week. I trust that the required information was conveyed to parents and that this serves as part of the lines of communication between home and school. You are encouraged to maintain communication between home and school when and where necessary. Later this term we will be holding one-on-one parent/teacher interviews.


As we come to the conclusion of these lessons for Years 4-6 students I again take the opportunity to thank the staff, the students and the parents for the extra work involved in ensuring the success of this programme.

Kindergarten and Pre-primary Parent session (Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy)

A reminder to parents with children in these year levels that the general meeting presented by an OT and Speech Therapist will take place Friday morning commencing at 9.30am in the school hall.


Friday assembly is a whole school assembly with our first honour certificates of the year being presented to students in junior classes. All are most welcome to attend.

David Barns / Principal