Dear Parents

This school week has proved a busy one for staff and students, none more so than for the Year 4-6 classes who have commenced their swimming lessons at the Riverton Indoor Leisure Centre. Thank you to the staff, to the students and, to the parents for making the extra effort each and every day during this programme. As indicated in last week's newsletter the inclusion of swimming lessons into the curriculum is an important one given our climate and lifestyle.

Parent Information Sessions

Next Monday and Tuesday evenings the information sessions for Year 2,3,4,5 and 6 will take place. They serve to ensure that the lines of communication between school and home are established and built upon with important information particular to that class or year level being presented. Each meeting will commence at 6.30pm in the classrooms with an expected finish time no later than 7.30pm. Whilst we see these as being important and that each family should be represented, it is possible for you as parents to receive a hard copy of the content of these should you not be able to attend.

Monday 17 February Years 4,5 & 6

Tuesday 18 February Years 2,3

Years PK, K, PP & 1 have all had their information sessions, either during late 2013 or on Day One of this school year. Parents who are new to the school, or those who were not able to attend the Meetings, should at the very least have a hard copy of the content of those meetings.

Parent Information Session(OSHC)

The Out of School Hours Care Centre will be open from 6.00pm (until 6.30pm) on both Monday and Tuesday of next week for parents interested in knowing more about the Centre here at school. OSHC offers daily care for students both before and after school from age 4 and older.


What newsletter would be complete without some reference to car parking in the school, but before one tunes out to what is written I would like to point out the following;

There are close to 500 students enrolled here at Orana school at present, with over half of these 7 years of age or under. Their habits, now and into the future will be based on what they either see and experience holding the hands of an adult. To see others "jay-walk" across the general car park area or worse, be led across that same area by an adult, causes both concern and potentially sets up unsafe practices being adopted by others.

In the scheme of the overall parking and collection of students, a small inconvenience to adults who have to move on from their stationery position in the carpark is no big deal when it comes to the safety issues of many being compromised.

With staff on duty to assist with the departure of students from the school until 3.30pm. If you delay, even by 5 or 10 minutes the time you pick your child up, pick-up becomes a one minute exercise. Most days by 3.20pm the carpark is smooth flowing.

P&F Meeting

Next Wednesday commencing at 7.00pm the first P&F Meeting for 2014 will be held. All welcome to attend. The meeting will be conducted in the library

Heart Kids WA Appeal

This Friday the students are invited to attend school wearing something red. In return for a gold coin donation, your child will be allowed to wear "free dress - red" with funds collected going towards supporting children born with a heart disease or heart condition. We have children here at school as well as relatives of children who are currently recipients of the work undertaken by HeartKids WA.


Whole school assembly this Friday morning. All welcome. Honour certificates will be presented as from next week.

David Barns / Principal