Dear Parents

Holy Week Reflection

Our Holy Week reflection and prayer service will take place tomorrow afternoon in the School Hall commencing at 2.00pm. This is an opportunity for students and parents to reflect on the significance and relevance of the Holy Week story and events and relevance for our lives today. Parents are most welcome to attend.

Thank You

Firstly thank you to all who participated in leading the parish 'Stations of the Cross' last Friday evening. To the number of students for volunteering to be a part of this and to Mrs Woodgate for ensuring that the Stations were presented as they were, a big thank you.

Thank you to all those who have supported our students in their participation in the school swimming team. Yesterday the team competed against a number of similar size schools as part of the interschool carnival, finishing in a credible 5th position. To our parent helpers thank you along with Miss Mavric for her work with the team.

Term Dates

Term One will officially end for students tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 10 April) and re-commence on Tuesday 29 April. School staff will be present at school for professional development on Friday 11 April (Religious Education - Social Justice) and Monday 28 April (Student Support; ICT).

ANZAC Service

The school will commemorate ANZAC Day with a service to be held on Wednesday afternoon of Week One of next term (2.30pm - School Hall). The 2.30pm start time has been chosen to allow as many parents who are able to be present to be here, this time coinciding with the end of the school day. All parents are most welcome to attend. Children from PP-6 will participate in the service

Uniform Change

As we move from Term One to Term Two of the school year, we change from summer to winter uniform. A two-week transition period will be in place where students may come to school either in summer or winter uniform. As from Monday 12 May, it is expected that all students attend in full winter uniform. The Uniform Shop is open in Term Two each Tuesday morning from 8.30am through until 10.30am.

The Orana Outside School Hours Centre (OSHC) (Assessment)

As part of the requirements for having an OSHC Centre at Orana, an external assessment of the Centre will be conducted over two days beginning on Monday 28 April 2014.

Assessments are based on the National Quality Standards (parents should Google these for further information); these are a set of standards divided into Seven Quality Areas with 18 Standards and 58 Elements. It is the 58 elements for which a Centre is assessed against.

Following an assessment during 2013 our Centre was rated as "Significant Improvement Required". This in my opinion does not reflect truly on the operations of the Centre. Under the rating scale used, certain elements, if not met will result in a Centre being given the lowest rating regardless of other scores or ratings for the various elements (remembering there are 58 of these). The Orana OSHC rating given last year was based primarily on:

Quality Standard 2.3 "Emergency evacuation policy was not developed in consultation with the relevant authorities and the educators were not aware of their responsibilities in regard to child protection as per Regulation 84 (Education and Care Services National Regulation 2012). Therefore, Standard 2.3 has been rated as Significant Improvement Required." and;

Quality Standard 3.3 "The service currently has limited practices in place regarding sustainability and environmental responsibility. Therefore, Standard 3.3 has been rated Significant Improvement Required."

These two, as recorded from the official report received, resulted in the Centre's overall rating being what it was and subsequently reported in the Sunday Times newspaper. Other elements were also rated as "Not Being Met", however these two were of major significance and resulted in the rating that was received. Needless to say the Centre staff have addressed all aspect of the previous report, and more, and have worked extremely hard to ensure that the Centre provides a service we should all feel both proud of and confidant in. We look forward to the assessors attending and undertaking the process here at Orana once again.

The Orana Outside School Hours Centre

OSHC staff wishes to advise all parents that their Policies are currently under review to align with the current Education and Care Services National Regulations (2012).

A draft policy document is now available at the Centre for members of the Orana Catholic Primary community to view and provide input.

After the amendments have been formalised, it is anticipated that the revised Policies will take effect as of Wednesday 23 April.

Easter Wishes

Wishing all families a Holy Easter and a very safe holiday period.

David Barns / Principal