Dear Parents

Welcome to Orana Primary School for the 2014 school year, whether as a family continuing their association with the school or, in the case of a significant number of families, you are new to Orana. I wish all a very productive and successful school year.

As is the case every year the beginning of the year is usually full of information, direction and procedures.

New students

We have had 24 new enrolments to the Kindergarten class for this year along with 22 new students from PP through to Year 6. A warm welcome is extended to these students who all appear to have settled in well to the school. May the association you all have here at Orana be a positive and rewarding one.

New staff

We also have two new staff members to welcome to the school this year. Mrs Chantel Wieman has been employed as a Year 2 classroom teacher in 2014. Chantel has taught for a number of years previously at St Joseph's Primary School in Queens Park. We welcome back Mrs Monica DeBoni who is returning from several years maternity leave. Mrs DeBoni is teaching in the Year 5 class one day per week.

School closure days (2014 -PD schedule)

There will be no classes at Orana on the following days so as to allow staff to attend professional development courses and meetings. This is in line with the Catholic Education Office allocation of PD throughout the school year. Please take note of the dates so as to allow parental planning for release from work commitments, if required, to be made in plenty of time.

Friday 11 April (end of Term One)

Monday 28 April (immediately prior to commencement of Term Two)

Tuesday 3 June (immediately following WA Day public holiday)

Friday 4 July (end of Term Two)

Friday 5 September (before Father's Day weekend)

Monday 8 September

Apart from the dates listed above, the term beginnings and closures will be the Monday or Friday of the gazetted commencement dates for such. The last day of classes for student lessons at the end of the year will be Friday 12 December. The OSHC Centre is open on those days when classes are closed.


From now on these will be distributed each and every Wednesday. If you are not already doing so a very fast and efficient way of receiving school news is to receive an electronic copy to your email address. Should you wish to be added to the list please visit the school website. This is also a great way for extended family, wherever they might be, to keep in contact and in touch with what is happening here.

Medical Notes

We have gone on to a new system for recording absentees at school in line with what is taking place in all Catholic schools. Part of the process is for the recording of written notes when a child is absent or known to be absent in the future. The easiest way for us to record this information is for parents to email Administration with the reasons for a child being absent. Alternatively, absences can be registered via the link in the school website. Absences are immediately recorded and stored on our database and this information is conveyed to each class teacher.

Morning Tea

Following the whole school assembly on Friday morning an open invitation is extended to all parents to attend a morning tea in the school hall. With the start of the new school year, we are presented with the opportunity for new and existing parents to come together informally and to share their time with other Orana parents. This year, with the significant number of new students starting here, it would be great to see those parents who are able to attend, make the time to do so. It would be appreciated if parents (those here prior to this year) bring a shared plate with them. This invitation is extended to all parents in the school from PK through to Year 6.

Swimming Lessons

The beginning of the school year would not be the same without having swimming lessons included early on in the school year. Children from Year 4 to Year 6 will be participating in these lessons to be conducted daily at the Riverton Leisure Centre commencing on Monday 10 February through to Friday 21 February inclusive. Swimming lessons are almost a necessity for children here in WA given our climate, our proximity to the ocean and because of the many backyard swimming pools in existence. There may well be changes to the uniform requirements for your child and this information is to be forthcoming from the class teachers.

Parent Information Sessions

Information sessions for Years 4-6 are to be held on the evening of Monday 17 February (6.30pm - 7.30pm) and for Years 2-3 on Tuesday 18 February (6.30pm - 7.30pm). Unless otherwise advised all meetings will be held in the respective year level classrooms. The PP parent information session was held on Monday of this week whilst PK, K and Year 1 meetings were held in late 2013. Hard copies of the content of those meetings are available on request from the class teachers.

Parent Information Session (Out of School Hours Care Centre)

We have a fabulous centre onsite at school open both before and after school each school day throughout the school year as well as throughout most of the school holiday periods. Prospective new enrolments to the Centre can take the opportunity being offered to them now to visit the OSHC immediately prior to the class information sessions listed above. Staff will be present to answer your questions about OSHC and to allow you to have a look around the Centre to see what it has to offer. Interested parents are invited to visit between 6.00pm and 6.30pm on both these evenings (17 and 18 February). The Centre is located to the western end of the school with the yellow fencing surrounding it.

P&F Meetings

In 2014 our P&F meetings are to be held in weeks 3 and 7 of each school term. The first meeting therefore will be conducted on the evening of Wednesday 19 February in the school library. Primarily the P&F serves two very valuable roles within the school community - to build and foster a strong sense of community amongst families here and, to raise funds which can be allocated directly for use and benefit of children within the school. P&F meetings are open for all to attend.

Acceptable Use Policy

our child will receive a letter today requesting that they adhere to the school's Acceptable Use Policy in terms of what is appropriate practice and behaviour when using information communication devices and exposure to Internet within the school. This is a very important document we take seriously in the school. It is asked that you, as parents take to time to ensure that your child is aware of their role and their responsibilities given to them in this matter.

Photos for public display

Should you not wish your child's photo, image or name to appear in any of the public forums within the school (website, newsletter etc), please indicate this in writing directly to the office. This notice will be run for the next two weeks and the request reiterated at information sessions. The onus rests with those families not wanting their child's image to be displayed to inform the school as a matter of priority.


Assembly this Friday at 9.00am in the school hall followed by morning tea for parents. All welcome

David Barns / Principal