We have been unable to hold our weekly Chess Club sessions this term as no parents have volunteered to assist the children. The club was originally set up by parents, and supported by the school as a number of students enjoy the challenge of the game. We require a minimum core group of three parents - you don't need to be a chess expert! (My email is if you would like to offer your assistance) .

A few options have been presented to me and I will look into these for Term Two if parents are unavailable.

Conny Whyte, Assistant Principal.


Monday 17 March - Candece Piccirilli, Jodie / Dave Charlton

Wednesday 19 March - Karen Feeley, Susan Taylor, CAN YOU HELP PLEASE?

Thursday 20 March - Annie Ting, Loretta Wesley, CAN YOU HELP PLEASE?


The Life Education Van will be visiting our school from 24 - 28 March. During the week all classes will spend some time in the van learning about keeping ourselves healthy. The van will also be open for parents to visit on Wednesday 26 March (Parent / teacher Interview day) from 1.00pm - 3.00pm. All parents are encouraged to pop in for a look.


Parents of Years 1-3 children are invited to come and join in a Ballet class on Saturday 15 March at the Moresby Street Hall in South Perth. Please contact administration to register. Lynley Fudger, Assistant Director. 09 9475 0320


Behaviour Tonics are running the following courses at their rooms in Wembley. 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course 17, 19 & 26 March, 7 to 9.30pm (2 to 5 yrs). To enquire / register call 9382 1182 or go to

Bike safety tips

Riding a bike is great fun and good exercise for children and teens. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe while cycling:

Always supervise children under 10 years of age.

Teach your child the rules of the road before they ride by themselves.

Riding in the driveway should not be encouraged - it is a common place for nasty accidents. Children need to know that driveways can be dangerous. Teach your child to stop at the end of the driveway, look, listen, and think about whether it is safe to cross

Make sure your child has a helmet that fits correctly. Helmets should be worn at all times when riding. Parents should set a good example by wearing a helmet themselves.

Make sure your child's bike is in good condition.

Fit bikes with appropriate reflectors.

Make sure your child wears bright coloured clothing when riding.

For more information visit

Bike safety - tips for teenagers

Bike riding is fun and really good for you. Here are some tips for staying safe when riding a bike:

Wear a helmet - it will greatly reduce the chance of permanent injury if you fall from your bike or get hit by a vehicle.

Wear bright coloured clothing. Be visible to drivers.

Always use a front and rear light at night and early in the morning

Don't have your headphones in while you're riding - you need all your senses!

Some drivers will not be able to see you on the road - expect the unexpected.

Observe the movements of other vehicles on the road so that you will be able to react to their mistakes.

If the sun is in your eyes (morning or afternoon), then the sun will also be in the eyes of anyone behind you. Get off the road in these situations.

Ride on roads with bike lanes, where possible, or take off-road paths/trails.

If you are learning to drive - make sure you clear bikes by at least 1.5m. Don't pass a bike if you can't be safe.

For more information visit and

School Sores (Impetigo)

Impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by bacteria. It will usually start with a blister or a group of blisters. The blisters will often pop, weep and form a crust. Small spots may spread outwards from the first spot. The spots are usually itchy.

If your child has impetigo they should be checked by a doctor. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics. You should cover the sores with watertight dressing and cut the child's nails to prevent them from scratching. Impetigo is spread very easily, so keep the child home until 24 hours after treatment has begun. Wash hands regularly to prevent spread to others

The Remedy Pain Centre is a new multidisciplinary specialist clinic dedicated to assessing and treating persistent pain for people aged 6-30 years. The Remedy Pain Centre offers individual and group programmes for patients. Just as in the disease processes of Diabetes and Asthma, medications can be of some benefit, however self-management strategies that help to address the other elements of the person's life (physical, social, emotional, etc.) can greatly improve the pain sufferer's function and quality of life. Young people will learn how to break the cycle of pain in order to lead a better life. Parents/carers are offered group education and support programmes. More details can be found on our facebook page and website.

Contact the Remedy Pain Centre for queries and appointments.

207 High St., Fremantle WA 6160 :: PO Box 8121, Fremantle WA 6160

E: :: P: (08) 9430-4668 :: F: (08) 9463-6364


Registrations to play for Canning City in 2014 are now open. Go to the MyFootballClub website to register online:

Visit the Club website for Induction Day details - March 9.


Relationships Australia is facilitating the Rock and Water Programme on Saturday 22 March from 9.00am - 12 midday at the West Leederville Primary School. The cost is $50 per couple. Facilitated by Paul Stein (credited Rock and Water trainer) this family activity-based program builds on the complementary strengths of 'the rock' and 'the water'. One is firm and assertive while the other is flexible and willing to cooperate. We encourage fathers, mothers, daughters and sons to spend a Saturday morning together examining their emotional connections with each other whilst learning new skills to strengthen family ties. There are two courses running, each focussing on a different age group. For further information please phone 9489 6322.