Dear Parents and Carers

Holy Week

Our staff and students have been working hard to prepare for Holy Week.

At 7pm on Friday night, students from years four, five and six will re-enact the Stations of the Cross at our parish church. All families are encouraged to attend. Mrs Woodgate would like the students involved in the re-enactment to arrive at the church between 6.15pm and 6.30pm.

Next Thursday afternoon a variety of classes will present the main events of the Easter story. All families are welcome to attend this commemoration in the school hall, commencing at 2pm.

As our journey towards the cross continues, it is good to remember that our own every day crosses are very minor compared to the cross Jesus carried. Not only did Jesus carry the wooden cross but the weight of the human race on his shoulders. In order for us to be able to rejoice in the resurrection we need to celebrate our own sufferings as well. As we welcome our King this Palm Sunday, we pray for all those in our community who have heavy crosses to bear.

Lord, Help me to experience the loving presence of God in those times when I suffer. Give me the courage to persevere and to find meaning in those times of darkness when all seems lost. Help me to be transformed through the pain in my life so that I can understand more fully how to be with others at such times. Forgive those moments in my life when I have fallen into despair and lost hope. Help me always to keep my eyes upon you. Amen.

Swimming Information

Congratulations to all our swimming champions for 2013

Year 6

Champion Girl: Eloise Kelly

Second Place Girl: Misa MacDonald

Third Place Girl: Anna Bell

Champion Boy: Colby Petterson

Second Place Boy: Luke Jackson

Third Place Boy: Brett Nigli

Year 5

Champion Girl: Olivia Notaro

Second Place Girl: Alexa D'Souza

Third Place Girl: Grace Dunleavy

Champion Boy: Joshua Locke

Second Place Boy: Trigg Faulkner

Third Place Boy: Joshua D'Cruz

Year 4

Champion Girl: Carly Pizzuto

Second Place Girl: Olivia French

Third Place Girl: Annika Ting

Champion Boy: Max Coten

Second Place Boy: Thomas Erkes

Third Place Boy: David Puttick

Final points were: Gold - 330points, Blue - 329points, Green - 317points and Red - 280points.

Our inter school swimming team has been training very hard at the Lynwood High School pool. Next week they will begin training at Riverton Leisureplex and we support them in their efforts.

Whole School Prayer Assembly

This Friday, the Year Five White students will be responsible for the whole school prayer service in the school hall. This will be followed by the presentation of junior honour awards. Parents and relatives are welcome to attend.


Friday is "Footy" day. If students would like to wear an item of clothing related to their football team they are asked to donate a gold coin to Caritas. Although it is not a "free dress" day we are sure the children will enjoy this fundraising event.

4-Year-Old Kindergarten 2015

Interviews will take place during term two for enrolment into the four-year-old kindergarten for 2015 (DOB 1/7/2010 - 30/6/2011). The three-year-old kindergarten will also be offered for these children in 2014. The three-year-old kindergarten currently runs each Friday during school term. Application forms are available from the school office or phone 9457 4907 and one will be sent to you.

Conny Whyte / Assistant Principal