Dear Parents and Carers

We are now entering a significant time in the life of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI resigns from the Papal Office today (February 28th). Although we rarely see the resignation of a Pope, there is an opportunity to resign through a code of Canon Law. Cardinals who are under 80 will come together in the Vatican and Sistine Chapel for prayer, discussion and voting. White smoke is released from the Sistine Chapel when a decision has been made. We are led to believe that this should take place before our Easter celebrations. Until that time you may notice that no reference to the Pope will be made during the Eucharistic Prayer when a mass is celebrated.

Sacramental Parent Information Night

Thank you to the parents and staff members who attended the sacramental meetings in the Ss John & Paul Church. The school is always keen to forge links with our parish community and our sacramental programme is a visible way of showing our involvement in our parish.

Drive-through pick up area

Many people are using the drive through pick up area with care and attention so that there is a smooth transition in this area.

It is important that drivers remain in their car and staff members will assist the students where necessary. It is also important that cars moving through the "green shed" area give way to the cars moving away from the pick up area. If this takes place it will enable cars to move through the school on a consistent basis and therefore prevent a build up of traffic on Vahland Avenue. Please pass this information on to any family member who uses the drive-through area.

Parent Reminder

A reminder to parents that if there are student behaviour issues on the school grounds, it is important to bring them to the attention of school staff. When on school grounds, it is not the role of parents to discipline any child other than their own. Your help in this matter is much appreciated.

Whooping Cough

Please note that here has been an unconfirmed case of whooping cough in the school. A letter will be sent home to all families if this case is confirmed. If you have any concerns regarding your child's health please keep your child at home and consult a doctor as soon as possible.


This Friday there will be a whole school assembly, with senior honour awards, in the hall and all families are welcome. Next Friday the Year Six students will be responsible for the whole school prayer service followed by the presentation of junior honour awards.

Conny Whyte / Assistant Principal