Dear Parents and Carers

This year Conny Whyte and myself, as Assistant Principals, will be sharing the role of writing the newsletter with the Principal, Mr McMahon.

Lenten Season

This week Ash Wednesday marked the start of the season of Lent. I am thrilled to report that the children in Years 4-6 who attended the parish mass on Wednesday were magnificently behaved and suitably reverent. The liturgy at school for the Pre-Primary-Year 3s was also beautifully celebrated.

During Lent we fundraise for Caritas Australia through Project Compassion. The children will learn about families in other countries and what our fundraising dollars can do to help them. Each classroom has been given a fundraising box and the children will be asked to donate some small change, possibly from their canteen money etc and/or some of their pocket money to help those less fortunate. Please encourage them to forgo something themselves and donate that money instead to Project Compassion.


This year we have changed the software for our computerised absentee system. Unfortunately while we iron out some of the bugs the mobile number for text through information about an absent child is no longer working. The preferred method for letting the school know if your child is to be absent is via the following email: . We will inform you when we have a new mobile number up and running.

Early arrivals

Please be mindful when dropping your children at school early in the mornings that there is no staff supervision until 8.30am when the teacher comes out on duty. We do offer before school care at our OSHC centre.

Swimming Trials

Most Year 4's will take part in swimming trials on Tuesday 19th February. Those not required at the pool will remain at school. Any students new to the school since the swimming carnival last year will also take part in the trials.

Parent information Evenings

Yr 4, 5 & 6 - Monday 18th February at 6.30pm

Yr 2 & 3 - Tuesday 19th February at 6.30pm

Staff Absences

Mr McMahon will be out of the school on Wed 20th Feb and the afternoon of Thursday 21st Feb. Please see one of the Assistant Principals if you have any urgent matters that need attending to on that day.

Mrs Bidzinski and Mrs Woodgate will be out of the school on Monday 18th February taking part in some training for early years literacy intervention.

Newsletter Information

If you have any information that you would like to go in the school newsletter please ensure that you have it to Mrs Flanagan by Wednesday afternoons.

Andrea Woodgate

Assistant Principal