Learning Support


Orana Catholic Primary School is an inclusive school and aims to meet the needs of all of its students. It is committed to offering a range of opportunities that enable each student to experience success and to develop to their full potential. The Learning Support Programme offered links closely with the school wide learning principles of 'Challenge, Engage and Connect' and is implemented using the school values of 'Respect, Generosity and Excellence'.

Response to intervention

Response to Intervention is a school based model that provides academic support for students.  It is a service delivery system intended to provide an educational experience to all students, focused on delivering effective education and intervention programmes.  It is a system that allows students equity in terms of access to and participation in the curriculum, and success to their potential.

Response to Intervention provides a framework for inclusion and differentiation.  It is a whole-school system approach and creates an effective learning environment for students to achieve.  The model promotes the provision of educational intervention as needs are identified.  Resources are used in a flexible, targeted and timely manner.

Response to Intervention is orientated around scientifically based research practices and interventions delivered with integrity.  It is not a specific "programme," but relies on a "toolbox" of effective practices, interventions and systems that have empirical support.

Central to the process is frequent progress monitoring of student outcomes using measurable student outcomes to adjust and change programmes and interventions as necessary.  Frequent monitoring of student progress towards goals and response to interventions informs the need to change or sustain these interventions.

In the Response to Intervention approach, the provision of support does not rely on labels – a label is not a need.  Rather the focus is on targeted intervention to improve student outcomes against specific goals and where our professional resources need to be.

Response to Intervention provides a school wide approach that establishes a seamless connection between the following three components:

  1. A viable, standards-aligned curriculum and research-based instructional practices
  2. A comprehensive assessment system
  3. The use of a problem solving model.

Research-Based Instructional Practices

To ensure effective learning, practices that are based on reliable research must be used throughout Orana Catholic Primary School.

A Comprehensive Assessment System

At Orana Catholic Primary School we use a toolkit to determine the support and intervention required for individuals.

A Problem Solving Model of Intervention

At Orana Catholic Primary School, a problem solving model is adopted, which  involves working with a school-based team (Professional Learning Team) to consider student performance data to identify and develop interventions to solve problems and evaluate the effects of the interventions.   A problem solving model is a logical organiser to manage and evaluate system data, prioritise targets and implement and evaluate individual interventions.

The intervention strategies adopted by Orana Catholic Primary school are discussed at regular intervals.  Teachers and support staff are implementing common practice and pedagogy in each tier of our Response to Intervention model.  Orana Catholic Primary School have a Case Management approach to problem solving the correct intervention to match student needs and work together as a team to create an environment for all children to flourish.