Dear Parents

Last Week Of School

The last week of school tends to come with such a rush. Below is a brief run-down of the school-based events between now and next Wednesday when school concludes for the students:

  • Whole School Mass and Loreto Award (9.00am Friday 7 December - School Hall)

  • Pre Primary Graduation and Presentation (11.00am School Hall and classrooms)

  • Farewell Assembly to Year 6's (2.20pm Friday 7 December - School Hall)

  • Graduation Mass and Dinner - for Year 6's (6.00pm Mass; 7.15pm Dinner)

  • Balloon Ceremony (and final day for Year 6's) (2.45pm Tuesday 11 December - oval).

  • Final Day (Wednesday 12 December) - dismissal and farewell 2.45pm undercover area.

Staff Professional Development

Staff in Catholic schools are required to participate in professional development once students have finished and this year school staff at Orana will be working through until Wednesday 19 December. As part of this, staff will be planning curriculum, assessment and reporting for 2013; ensuring that appropriate handover of information from one year level to the next is undertaken; attending Religious Education and Faith Formation PD and; looking in more detail at Cybersafety issues with a whole day PD being undertaken in this area.


The canteen has now closed for the 2012 school year. My thanks to Mrs Honter and her band of willing helpers who have ensured the efficient running of our school canteen throughout the 2012 school year.

Scholastic Book Club

During 2012, Mrs Marie Leguier and Mrs Michelle Puttick have coordinated the ordering of many books for the students through Scholastic Book Club. This has involved numerous hours of tedious work and we thank them on behalf of all the students who have benefited from the services that these mums provide. The school also receives bonus resources from the dedicated work of these ladies.

P&F Association

I also thank the numerous committee members and volunteers of the P&F for the generous donation of their time throughout the year attending meetings, organizing fundraisers and social events within the school community. Through these efforts, many extra resources have been made available to the students at Orana.

Congratulations (Year 3's)

Our Year 3 students will be presented with their laptops early next week. The integration of Information Communication Technologies is improved by providing daily access to personal devices and is a very important part of our school's curriculum. By receiving machines at this time, the students are able to familiarize themselves with their new learning tools before returning in 2013. Parents, please take the opportunity to teach your child good management and care practices with these valuable devices and begin the process of supervising their use at all times.

Thank You

My thanks go to Sam Coten, an ex-student of Orana, who spent all day yesterday helping Mrs Perrigo image the laptops to ensure that they will be ready for distribution to the students next week. Great work Sam and thanks for lending a hand.

Laptops (Year 6's)

As part of an exit strategy, the Year 6 laptops have been reconfigured and "Administrator" rights given to the student. This was done to remove school settings on parent-owned machines so that the laptops could be administered by others. This is very useful in case parents wished to reassign the laptops to others.

This means your child now has the ability to download from the Internet without your permission. I request that parents remain vigilant in their supervision of students whilst using their laptops.

2013 School Year

The following information is provided for parents in preparation for the start of the new school year:

  • Staff will return on Thursday 31 January

  • Students return - Years 1 - 6 on Monday 4 February

  • Kindergarten and Pre Primary return on Tuesday 5 February

  • Pre Kindergarten starst on Friday 8 February

Please note that Pre Primary parents are invited to their parent information session at 9.00am on Monday 4 February with PP students starting the following day. Kindergarten and Pre Primary children will all commence with a full-day program in operation from the first day of school. Parents of Kindergarten children are informed that this year level of schooling is a non-compulsory year. While the year level will be operating full-day sessions, individual parents may choose to transition their own child into full-day attendance depending on individual needs or readiness.

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be open next Tuesday 11 December from 8.30am-10.30am. There will also be a special opening day on Friday 1 February from 9.00am until 12 noon and from 2.30pm until 5.00pm.

Swimming Lessons

These will commence next year from the first day of the school year and, while not a starting date we would have requested, we work with what we have been offered. Lessons are for all students in Years 4, 5 and 6. An alert will be posted online and sent to elected e-address (email, twitter) immediately prior to school return - just another good reason to register for notices through the school website!!

School Class Lists

These are still being finalized and will be posted on the notice board outside OSHC from 2.00pm on Wednesday 19 December. To those parents who wrote in with requests these have been taken into consideration. It is not always possible or appropriate to accommodate all requests. At the end of the day, the decisions made are done so in good faith and with consideration of multiple reasons or factors.

Out of School Hours Centre (staffing change)

Our Supervisor at the OSHC, Ms Faye Rickard is to commence maternity leave as from early next week. We wish Faye all the very best for the impending birth of her first child and thank her for her work as Supervisor at the Centre. Miss Caresse Lenzo is to take over as Supervising Officer during Faye's maternity leave.

Out of School Hours Centre (Christmas closure and re-opening)

The Centre will close for a period of time over the Christmas holidays during which time internal painting of the Centre will take place. OSHC closes on Friday 21 December before re-opening on Monday 7 January 2013.

There being no newsletter next week I would like to take this opportunity to wish all families a Happy and Holy Christmas and a relaxing and rewarding time for all families over the festive period. As I commence long service leave in January next year, I would also like to wish you all a safe and prosperous start to the new school year in 2013 and ask that you make Mr Allen McMahon, as Acting Principal, most welcome here at Orana during my time away.

David Barns / Principal