Dear Parents

Thank you (received)

Earlier this year the school conducted a special fundraising with money received forwarded to a St Joseph's Catholic School in Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu, India. The sum of $920 was raised by students here at Orana. A parishioner at Ss John Paul Church and a former parent of Orana, Mr Victor Yesuratnam, along with our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Catherine Wall, were instrumental in conducting this fundraising effort. Thank you to both for doing so.

The following is an extract from letter recently received from Rev Sr. Maria Augustinal, Principal of St Joseph's School:

"...this money will be used for the payment of school fees for the poor children in this village and the neighborhood and for other related expenses for them such as school uniforms, books and stationery...God Bless you and all others who have assisted us so generously."

Thank you (given)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank those parents (and children in some cases) for assisting with the replanting of bushes along the eastern boundary fence line on Vahland Avenue. Thank you to Anthony Peters (and boys), Andrew Lai, Christina Vink, Loretta Albertini and Lisa Dorst (and boys) and Mr. McArdle for undertaking this task. We hope that the plants quickly establish themselves again this time out of reach of any garden renovators looking for a cheap option to improve their own plot of land.

Royal Commission (Child Abuse)

In relation to the establishment of a Royal Commission into Child Abuse the following is reprinted for parents at the request of the Director of Catholic Education here in WA.

"The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia acknowledges its responsibilities for the protection of students in Catholic schools and states within its Policy Statement on Child Abuse that from the moment they join a Catholic school community, students should learn of their value as human persons. To this end all measures are taken for the protection of all in Catholic Schools.

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia, through the Director of Catholic Education and the Principal acknowledge to all parents/carers the commitment to following all policy/procedures required by the Department of Child Protection.

Further information will be forwarded to parents when the terms of reference of the Royal Commission are known."

Staffing (2013)

The staff list for Orana in 2013 has been sent to families today through the eldest child. Informing the school community of these staff changes, at this point in time, will allow transition programmes to be conducted with children with the teachers of that year level in 2013.

Parent Information Sessions

To assist with the transition between year levels and to welcome new families into the school at PK year level, some information sessions will be held this year in preparation for the 2013 school year.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten parents (2013 groupings) are invited to attend their Information session next Friday 30 November (9.30am in the School Library). Year 1(2013) parents are invited to attend their Information session at 11.00am on the same day.

Pre-Primary (2013) parents will have their Information session on Monday 4 February 2013 at 9.00am. Years 2 through 6 will have class meetings early in the new school year.


Tomorrow's assembly is a whole school assembly with honour certificates for the junior classes.

David Barns