Dear Parents

Welcome back to the start of the last school term for this year. Term 4 seems to pass very quickly and becomes hectic toward the conclusion of the school year. With today's newsletter is the term's diary of events which is also provided online via the school's website. Some of the more pressing events, time wise, are further expanded in this newsletter.

Athletics Carnival

Next Tuesday 23 October, here in the school grounds, we will conduct our school Athletics Carnival. This important and fun-filled day involves students from Pre Primary through to Year 6.

An approximate schedule is listed below:



Years 3 - 6 200m Events


Years 3 - 6 Sprint Events


Years 2 - PP Sprint Events, Games (1)




Years PP - 6 Games (2)

Years PP - 6 Relays



At the conclusion of the Carnival parents are invited to take their children home from school for the remainder of the day. For those students staying at school, supervision is provided through until the normal end of school time. The OSHC Centre will operate from 2.30pm on this day for students needing to attend the Centre.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation, is to take place on Thursday evening, October 25 at 7.00pm. Parents of children involved in this programme should already have received the relevant information. Please keep these students and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

School Production

Further tickets are now available for each of the sessions of our school musical. If you are interested in purchasing additional tickets, please either visit the Library in the next few days or send your request via an envelope through the school basket system. It would be preferred that you don't use this as an opportunity to swap from afternoon to evening as we would like to have as many people at the matinees as possible.

Performances are:

Tuesday 30 October Matinee 1.00 - 2.30pm (White Classes)

Tuesday 30 October Evening 7.00 - 8.30pm (White Classes)

Wednesday 31 October Matinee 1.00 - 2.30pm (Blue Classes)

Wednesday 31 October Evening 7.00 - 8.30pm (Blue Classes)

Current Year 3 Parents

Please be advised that the deadline for ordering your child's laptop is Friday 26 October. It is essential that orders are finalised by then as late orders will complicate the delivery dates. It is hoped that we can distribute the laptops to your children in the week that school ends for the term. I urge parents with queries to contact me as soon as possible.


School fees are sent out three times per year corresponding with the first three terms of the school year. This means that for those families who have paid fees in full, a zero balance account will be sent out this term. Many families pay fees over the course of the whole year and accounts will reflect the balance at that point in time. While the majority of funds for Catholic schools comes from both Commonwealth and State governments, private income primarily from collection of school fees are not only important, they are essential for the ongoing delivery of service to local school communities. By comparison and including fees, Catholic schools operate on average at 85% of funding to that of Government school counterparts. For families experiencing difficulties with school fees, the invitation to speak with myself or with Mrs Jane Foy in the Office stands. Reminders will be sent out in Week 2 of this term.

School Uniform

Transition between winter to summer uniform is in place. Students may wear either uniform during this period, however it is expected that by the beginning of Week 3 all students will be attending school wearing the summer uniform.

2013 School Return

Previously parents have been asked to indicate if their children will be returning in 2013 to Orana. My thanks to the many who responded to this request at the time. This term some children have informed teachers that they are to attend a new school in 2013 that, has come as news to us here. For the purposes of planning for 2013 and to be in a position to respond to the number of prospective new families to Orana, it is important that the school be made aware of change of circumstances relating to which school your child/ren will be attending next year. Thank you for attending to this as a matter of priority if you have not already done so.

Staff Matter

Many parents would be aware that Mrs Ann Fissioli (Finance Officer) has been absent for most of this school year. In the latter part of Term 3 Ann returned to do some work part-time in the finance area here at school. Ann is now recovering from further surgery undertaken as part of her recovery programme. She will return in a part-time capacity toward the end of this term. In the interim our thoughts and prayers are with Ann during this time. Mrs Jane Foy remains here in the role of Finance Officer though until the end of the current year.


Tomorrow morning assembly in the Hall with honour certificates for students in the senior classes.

David Barns