Dear Parents

End of School Term

Tomorrow marks the end of Term 3 here at school with school closed through until Monday 15 October. The new term also marks a changeover from the winter to summer school uniform. A two week transition period will be in place meaning that either winter or summer uniform may be worn during this period. From Monday 29 October it is expected that students are in their summer uniform through until the end of the current school year.

School Production

We are really gearing up towards the school production to be held in Week 3 of Term 4. School productions serve a number of worthy purposes including showcasing the artistic talents and gifts of many across all year levels as well as being a great way for school communities to unite in celebration of the talents on display. They also require enormous effort and work from many people. Again I would like to thank those many parents who have and are offering their support and time toward the production. All staff have made significant contributions and have worked professionally and diligently toward making the production a memorable one for students and their families.

Between now and showtime there will be numerous correspondences coming your way. Please ensure that you make the time to read and respond to the information and requests made between now and October 30 or October 31. For maximum audience viewing, there are four performances - two by White stream and two by Blue stream - each stream performing a Matinee and Evening performance.

There are some children who have indicated that they are not available for the evening performance. Whilst accepting that there are legitimate reasons for this being the case, it is hoped that every effort be made to having children attend both matinee and evening performance. School productions can be treasured memories in years to come.

On both days following the performance, modified school programmes will operate (e.g. finish off time, catch up work). The school day commences at normal starting time although formal lessons will not commence until 10.00am on the day following your child's performance (this simply means if you wish your child/ren to have a sleep-in and arrive later to school, this is perfectly acceptable). For those who arrive at school at normal time, modified class lessons will start at 8.45am. In the situation where parents have children in both streams, it is up to those families to decide what exact time they would like their children to attend.

A reminder there are still families who have not yet returned their ticket request form for The Land of Oz. I am hoping to be able to do a second-round offer of tickets to families who may like more tickets but I cannot proceed until all families have been allocated tickets.

School Athletics Carnival

The field events were conducted earlier this week. Congratulations to all who participated and special mention to those who were place-getters in their respective events. The major Athletics Carnival will be held on Tuesday 23 October here on the school grounds. Parents new to the school or to carnivals at Orana are notified that the carnival is a great day to make yourself available as a spectator. All students from Years 1 through to Year 6 attending the entire carnival and Years K and PP attend for part of the day. Please mark this day in your calendars.

Laptop Programme (Year 4, 2013)

For those parents who did not attend the meeting earlier this week a letter outlining the relevant information has been sent home with your child. If you have not received this by now you are asked to contact the Office as soon as possible to request a copy. Please note the deadline for ordering your child's laptop is October 26.

Soccer Sessions (after-school)

Notes have been sent home to parents of children in Years 3,4 and 5 in relation to having ongoing soccer after school during Term 4. To be viable a minimum of 10 participants must make a firm commitment. Please send the forms back to school as soon as is possible.


Whole school assembly takes place tomorrow with honour certificates for students in the middle and senior classes.

Wishing all a safe and happy school term break.

David Barns / Principal