Dear Parents

Cyber-safety and Internet access

Parents play a really important role when it comes to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their child when online or merely accessing the internet. Research, workshops, practical advice and relevant information is available for parents. Most recently here at Orana the children, staff and parents were given the opportunity to participate in an information session run by a representative from the Federal Government's Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner. I encourage all parents to make the effort to become more aware and vigilant to the potential issues and pitfalls we might have to face as parents in regard to this area and to remain involved in what our own children are doing. A comprehensive, yet practical starting point is to be found on the Federal Government's website This is a rich resource within easy reach of all with sections dedicated for use by children across many ages, as well as for parents and for teachers. In particular the eSafety tab and education resources (for parents) was both easy to follow and practical.

The following quotes I have used before and I believe are still relevant to this day.

"The research found that children and young people were most likely to turn to their parents first if they needed to enquire about a potential cyber-safety issue, despite community perceptions and anecdotal evidence suggesting otherwise. This key finding reinforces the importance of educating parents and encouraging them to talk to their children about cyber-safety. (Connected parents in the cyber-safety age - June 2013 snapshot)

"Young people were more likely than parents to view cyber-safety from an educational perspective, defining it in terms of learning a set of behaviors to be safe online. In contrast, parents were more likely to define cyber-safety in the context of their child's safety. In particular, parents believed that cyber-safety meant protecting their child, usually by blocking something that would be considered harmful. These findings indicate that parents' concerns and children's needs change with the age of children, and that a variety of channels and resources is required to respond to parents' information needs." (Connected parents in the cyber-safety age - June 2013 snapshot)

2016 Class Placement

Discussions regarding class placements for next year will shortly commence. In consultation with your child's present class teacher, I will be compiling the class lists for 2016. There are a number of factors that must be taken into account when balancing class lists including academic ability, gender, interpersonal relationships, and social dynamics. Parental requests are an additional factor and I would like to make clear my policy on this matter. Parental requests can only be met in exceptional circumstances. However, if you believe that there exists such circumstance in relation to your child, you are invited to outline this in writing, addressed to me and returned by Monday 9 November. No requests will be considered after this date. When writing your request, please be clear.

Scholarships 2016

Congratulations to the following students who have received scholarships for 2016:

Denae Civich - Willetton Senior High School - Basketball
Georgia Bull - Willetton Senior High School - Music
Maggie Yost - John Curtin Senior High School - Soccer
Kyran Taylor - St Norbert College - Music
Jakob Dorst - Wesley College - Music

Sports Carnival Amendment

Daniel Spence was awarded Third place for Year 6 boys and was equal Second place for Year 6 boys.

School Sports Carnival (Interschool)

This two-day event is to be held next week with our field event participants competing at Santich Park, Spearwood next Tuesday 3 November before the running and team events are held at the same venue on Thursday 5 November. Good luck to all Years 3-6 participants involved.

School Board and P&F

As indicated in last week's newsletter it is very important that we have parents prepared to volunteer their expertise and experience in promoting the well being of the school. Nominations are now being invited for a number of positions on the School Board and the P&F Executive. These forms are available from the Front Office.

Notice of AGMs for School Board and P&F

Notice is given that the Annual General Meetings for the School Board and for the Orana P&F will take place here at school on Thursday 19 November starting with the P&F AGM to be immediately followed by the AGM for the School Board. All parents are welcome to attend.


Friday's assembly is for the whole school with honour certificates for students in the junior year levels.