Rivers of Emotion Symposium

Earlier this year, the Year 3 & 4 classes went to the Canning River Eco Education Centre to get a better understanding of rivers as part of the history and environment of this state. As part of the follow-up work, they gathered data from their parents and grandparents about how they felt about rivers, particularly the Swan and the Canning.

Recently, the school was asked to participate in the Rivers of Emotion Symposium at the University of Western Australia. The symposium examined the emotional history of Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) and the Djarlgarro Beelier (Canning River).

Mya, Max, Bryce and Ellie from Year 4 presented our combined data, at UWA, through a movie and a digital book that expressed the viewpoints of our families. We are proud of our students' efforts particularly their ability to speak confidently in front of an academic audience with all sorts of river experts present. The organisers of the event were also thrilled with the work that had been done by the school and especially grateful for the input from parents and other family members.

To enhance their research project more, the Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions has created a website where people can add their memories, their views, their photos etc. Please take time to visit this site:


We have been invited to add more content to the website. You are able to go to the HELP menu to sign in and add comments etc to your favourite spots along these rivers. It is a fabulous website and having read all the family contributions, I know our community has lots to offer. The students are also encouraged to add content as well under the supervision of their parents.

Lyn Perrigo/ICT Coordinator