"Generations of men and women have served our country and have made sacrifices and contributions that ensure we live in a free and peaceful country. On Remembrance Day, we remember those who returned home and the families of those left behind. For me, it is a time to remember those who are serving today. Lest we forget." Lynda Packer, Yr 6 Teacher

With that in mind, Lynda organised her annual Remembrance Day ceremony in our School Hall. Planning started many months ago, when poppies were planted in the school yard. To the delight of all the children, the poppies flourished and now provide a beautiful backdrop to their play areas. The Ceremony on Monday was reverently attended by students from PrePrimary to Year 6. It was ably conducted by the Year 6 students who read a moving poem about mothers and their sons.

At these poignant times in the calendar, it is hoped the students begin to realise that 'service to and for others' is a significant manifestation of the school value of GENEROSITY and that they in their own lives begin to demonstate this quality freely and in abundance.

The Rhythm of Community

Lord, we come before you, not alone but in the company of one another.

We share our happiness with each other and it becomes greater.

We share our troubles with each other and they become smaller.

We share one another's griefs and burdens and their weight becomes possible to bear.

May we never be too mean to give, nor too proud to receive.

For in giving and receiving, we learn to love and be loved; we encounter the meaning of life, the mystery of existence

and discover you.