This term our Year 5B class went on excursion to Fremantle to investigate early colonial times, the architecture of the port city and the Samson Family. On a very hot day in February, the children completed a 2.5km walk from the Roundhouse, through the streets of Fremantle and ending up at Samson House near John Curtin High School.

So much can be learned about local history through the study of a significant family and the students certainly enjoyed hearing about prominent members of the family and their contributions to the Swan River Colony as well as at later times. To be able to visit their family home on the corner of Ellen and Ord Sts was the key to unlocking the family's stories and strengthening the students perspective of history. The students marvelled at the treasures within the house whilst appreciating the fact that these possessions belonged to the many generations of the family. The visit was managed by the National Trust of Australia (WA) who encourage schools to visit historic houses.

After a term's work, the students were invited back to Fremantle to present their learning to members of the Samson family, their parents, members of the National Trust and other important visitors with an interest in heritage. This was an evening event and was held in the original Samson building in Cliff St. The students proudly presented an insightful review of their work, their understandings and demonstrated clearly that they had taken responsibility for their own learning. At the conclusion of the event, the students were delighted to present a coffee-table book they had created about the family and were very pleased to learn that some members of the family are planning a visit to their classroom to see the fabulous work that pays tribute to the Samsons.