Orana's early childhood programme has been running successfully for the past 32 years and with the introduction of Pre Kindergarten in 2009, Orana now offers a quality early childhood education starting from the age of three.

The basis of our early childhood programme is founded on the beliefs that:

  • Each child is a sacred and precious gift from God created as an individual with their own unique talents and abilities.

  • Each child is capable and competent.

  • Each child actively constructs their own knowledge and understandings of the world around them through purposeful play-based experiences.

  • Each child has the capacity to initiate and lead learning.

  • Each child has the right to be an active participant and decision-maker in matters affecting them.

  • Each child has strong connections to family, community and culture.

  • Each child deserves a teaching and learning program that is challenging, supportive and responsive to his or her strengths, learning style and capabilities at that point in time.

Our vision for successful learning for our youngest students, at Orana Catholic Primary School, depends upon their well-being within a culture of high expectation. At our school, the early childhood teaching and learning practices support each child's well-being. The teachers are attuned to each child's thoughts and feelings. Time is taken to build positive relationships. When children experience secure and supportive relationships, they feel respected, valued and become resilient and confident learners.

Caroline Mavrick

Teacher, PreKindy and Kindy