The Orana Chess Club has been running for approximately a year. Some hardworking and dedicated parents organise and teach the children whilst Orana's generous "Parents and Friends Association" has provided funds for the purchase of new chess sets and other related expenditure. Chess club is held on a weekly basis in the school library and there is a growing band of excited "regulars". Initially the club was established to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about chess and to play the game with other children. This year a number of students have attended chess competitions during school hours as well as on some weekends. This is a marvelous opportunity for the students to learn the procedures in a competition setting and to play chess with students from other schools.

Chess Club is a great opportunity for students of all ages to bond with each other and to connect with adults who have passion for this pastime. It certainly also teaches them persistence and patience and gives them a sense of satisfaction which is evidenced by the broad smiles in the Library each Wednesday morning.

Conny Whyte

Assistant Principal