We are Year 6 students and we are proud to say we use laptops each day in our learning. We received our laptops when we were in Year 4 and we are now in the third year of using them at school and home. These have been very rewarding years for us and we are so happy to experience using these real-world learning tools every day when we come to school.

Each day when we get the opportunity to use our laptops, everyone is fully dedicated to the task. The teachers don't need to encourage us to work because we are always motivated to begin. At our school, we call that Excellence. These learning devices make us work harder and challenge us to be problem-solvers and achievers. We learn something new each day and we are happy to share our skills and knowledge with each other.

In Year 6, we are all quite different and, at our school, we recognise and celebrate individual talents. We manage to be creative according to our personal gifts and each person finds a way to contribute. You never know, we may have some budding writers, filmmakers, artists and performers in our midst.

Chelsea & Lily

Chelsea and Lily

Always happy to work hard

Chelsea and Lily