The very first atTENdance Day was held this morning and what a fantastic turn out from parents, grandparents and extended family members we had. Conservatively I would guess at 80 -100 adults at the school this morning taking the opportunity to experience a small snapshot of school life. Thank you parents for making the time to visit.

As it could be seen, a child's learning is always a 'work in progress" and for family members to come and share in this is important for you as the primary educators of your children, us in our profession and, importantly, means a lot to your children.

Thank you especially on this first time to the teachers for opening up the classrooms and lessons.

Next atTENdance Day will not be until the 10 May which is on a Tuesday - in addition to the general classroom work you could see Science, Library, PE and Music (junior choir) all taking place.

atTENdance Day - each 10th day of the month, classes open for parents to visit 9.00am -10.00am

Kind regards

David Barns